A Shower for Ari

Saturday brought the last of the baby showers I had on my docket. I co-hostessed with two others; which in some ways was more work but in more ways was less work.

Plus, I enlisted the muscles of my brother in law and his lovely wife to move the furniture out of our front room (more on their visit, later!).

The Mom-to-Be:
(and her Mother-In-Law)

The Set-Up:
The Guests:


The Chaos in the Kitchen:


The Diaper Cake:

The Baby Kyle:

(He belongs to) The Kristie:

The 'Thank You':

It was lovely. Very nice. I developed a new obsession: Healther's pasta salad (with artichoke hearts? Are you serious???). I must try to re-create this.

ALSO! Stay tuned for the big PROJECT REVEAL!  The recipients of THE BIG PROJECT are receiving the goods tonight - so tomorrow I can release the scoop!


Jeff and Ari said...

It was perfect in every way! I couldn't feel more spoiled!!

Diana Larson said...

Your diaper cake is WAY better than the one that I made recently. I also made cupcakes for the baby shower I held. Looks like you had tons of fun.

Swanky Mommy said...

I am so sad I missed it! It looks like so much fun!