still in transition...

Bill stayed up until after five o'clock in the morning on Friday night re-designing this blog. I know this, because after I got up to feed Daphne and saw that I was alone in bed, I went looking for him and found him on his computer. I thought he was doing homework, and I think I may have grumped at him for staying up so late - I can't be sure - I was pretty sleepy. But I do know that I guilted him by telling him I don't sleep as well without him by my side. (I have nightmares pretty consistently, and I reach for his hand multiple times a night.)

I was concerned that he'd be useless the next day - and I had big plans. Day before Valentines Day, you know. What good would brunch be if he slept through it?!

Come to find he was losing all that sleep in trying to learn the ways of blogger so that he could give me my blog redesign.

Saturday Morning = Stepper the Shmuck.

This is what he came up with while tinkering. Neat, no? He told me it's not the final product - that basically he was learning the tools. I like the retro feel. And the nice ribbons of color down the left side, there. That's all Bill-Original stuff.

And yes, he did create the Andy Warhol Steppers you see featured banner-style atop the page.

Me: Do you think that repeated images of myself as a banner seems a bit narcissistic?
Bill: ...
Me: You're right. Blogging is narcissistic.

I tell you - it's difficult to be married to such a talented bloke. I mean, I pride myself on my self control (cough). And he just makes it so hard sometimes, just to contain myself. And, as we've established here; it's all about me.


sharon. said...

It looks GREAT Bill/Stepper!

craftyashley said...

Love it!

Grandpa Rusty said...

Love the Stepper block design. Well done, Bill!