this morning (and 7DoB:4)

It begins with this...


...and, 10 minutes later, it ends with this:

I defy you to come up with anything that could be better. 


7DaysofBill: Day 4
Dear Bill

Wasn't it fun, yesterday, to have your tell-tale red envelope simply handed to you instead of having to work for it? Dinner was lovely, and I'm glad we decided to skip the movie. I'm extra glad you allowed the splurge on the new jeans and the vibrantly blue sweater that does things to your eyes - in them you look gooooood. I look forward to you wearing them on our double date with my parents this Friday. And yes, the jeans passed the butt-dance test. With flying colors.

You won't know what today's surprise is until you get home from your evening class - but you will like it. So get excited!

All my love, you know.


William C. McCrery said...

I love you.

MikkSolo said...

Love the new look of the blog. was that Bill?