I wrote love on my arm.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is not about Valentines Day, though the proximity to the holiday is no accident. It's a non-profit movement dedicated to hope and help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

Today, people from all over can write the word LOVE on their arms to show their support to those who are fighting those battles and those who are recovering.

Every day I come to work, I get to see first hand the affect that just having someone care has on someone who has lost hope. Every day I come to work, I see the fight. And I see the recovery.

It is something to behold.

So for the girls I work with, for friends, and for family that have and do struggle - I wrote love on my arm.♥


7DoB: 5

Dear Bill, 

Sorry the Gyoza last night was a bit of a fiasco. I don't know where I went off-course with the recipe (surely it wasn't the omission of the carrots? The addition of the 'shrooms?) that made them sticky-soft - but I am glad that you still professed to enjoy them. I am also glad that there was so much extra so that I can try again!

When you see me this afternoon, you have but to give me one REASON you are glad we are married, and today's prize is yours.


PS: Please don't forget! Tonight is the night I get to take your new BLUE SWEATER out on the town! With you inside it, of course.


Ro Ro Riot said...

I didn't know about writing "Love" on your arm. Thanks for sharing.