A Weekend for the Books (and the results of Bill Week)

This one was for the books.

Double Date with my parents to Desert Star's spoof on Meyers' Twilight.
Their best show, yet! And I've been to a few.
Thanks, Dad, for the pizza! Mmmm...artichokes.
Got to see a couple get engaged - an emptied popcorn basket was sent around the audience to collect spare change (to buy something pretty). Someone donated $100. Mom and I cried.

Valentines Brunch for my gang (which included Wyatt's friend Taylor 'cause she came to visit while her parents loaded a moving truck with the last of their traces. FROWN!)
A new blog design.
A Cleaned house. Oh, how I love a cleaned house. The sheer mental relief!
The song stylings of Vampire Weekend.
A spendy trip to Costco as a family - we are once again stocked up on diapers and black beans! - Wyatt got a bit nervous about a tire display featuring the michelin man. What is his deal, anyway? Is he a marshmallow? And what does that have to do with tires?
A trip to Sunflower for Gyoza wraps (which they don't carry, by the way) - but instead, Bill found THE GRAPEFRUIT GUMMIES. My absolute favorite candy in the whole world that Utah doesn't carry (yes, the entire state of Utah) and we have to drive to Cali or Seattle to acquire in $7.25 per quarter lb increments. I was waiting in the car with the kids, and he presented them at my window. These were pink, not white. But they had the same texture, the same intense flavor, and were THE BEST Valentines Day surprise ever. I've been exercising great amounts of self control - we're talking superhuman, here - and still have half the little tub full. Wyatt even got a couple. Greater love.
Home for stories and bed - then the adults had a round of Gyoza and enjoyed a good flick. We also ate candy like we were teenagers (but not the sacred grapefruit gummies, which are aging to proper staleness). Sometimes, it's good to forget onesself.

A bath for Daphne - a sweet smelling girl.
Church - singing in church with a women's quarted. My first time ever singing the base line. Even a octive higher, that part is LOW!
Wyatt announcing to the entire nursery that "I love my baby sister!"
A hug from one of my primary kids.
A trip to Highland for Second Sunday - a valentines day table beautifully set in pink, red, and white - featuring a giant pink heart-shaped sugar cookie with our names lovingly scrawled in white frosting on each china plate.
A gift from my dad - Pedicure for all the girls, and a poem about watching me grow up that I now keep in my scriptures and will read frequently for the rest of my days.
A special FHE lesson given by my mother.
Wyatt waking up from his nap and crying through the last half of Mom's special FHE lesson. Awesome.
Wyatt eating his pink sugar cookie - basically as big as his head. Cloud 9, that boy.
Jam session with my dad - playing hymns on my violin and his cello. Oh, the sweetness of that hour. Or two. How long were we playing? I could have played all night - except we ran out of hymns.

A weekend unplanned - and so much better for it.

For those who asked, and those who were following 7 Days of Bill week, here's how it went down:

Day 1: The clue: where Bill took us on our first date. The answer whispered in my ear: The Seattle City Art Walk. The reward: a love letter explaining why I felt this week should be devoted to him, and a few new (well, old) records procured at the Provo DI. You know, every love story needs a good soundtrack.

Day 2: The clue: the task I asked of him. The task: pulling down the streamers and tape left over from Lizzie's birthday. The reward: A coupon book featuring things like - a night without having to wake up with the kids, a night off, no questions asked, a fresh-baked cake, an album download of his choice, and etc.

Day 3: A night out. He didn't have to work for this one - the tell-tale red envelope was conspiratorially left in Lizzie's car - which he drove to school that morning.

Day 4: 12 Reasons I'm glad we're married - in a dish with chocolate reisens. One of his favorites.

Day 5: Valentines Brunch and this:

One for Lizzie, one for Bill.



Nae said...

Your creativity absolutely floors and inspires me! I love seeing what a mind can come up with. :) You are so cool!

MikkSolo said...

I LOVE Riesens too! You are too clever...you put us all to shame!

Sounds like a great week!