brown paper packages tied up in string...

coming home from work to a house full of people happy to see me
the sound of the spine stretching when opening a book for the first time
long, colorful socks. Argyle a bonus.
spontaneous leg-hugs from Wyatt
open mouthed slobbery baby kisses
a clean house
a Bill date featuring sushi and a movie
General Conference
visits from family and friends
white grapefruit gummies
a clean sheet of drawing paper
having something to look forward to
roadtrips to Seattle - especially the Snoqualmie Pass part.
holding hands while riding in the car
watching a really good TV series on DVD so I can become obsessed and watch several episodes in one sitting
throwing parties - especially to honor someone I love
noticing the details
Daphne's laugh - how she laughs so deeply that it give her hiccups and then she loses her lunch. every time.
Izzie's grapefruit or clementine soda
baking treats for Bill - the face he makes when he is finally allowed to partake
Second Sunday
munching on almonds at my desk at work
the sound of a sewing machine
old and intricate maps
playing around with how I do my hair
blog comments
spontaneous late-night movie adventures with Lizzie - feeling okay about pigging out on popcorn together
writing letters in scrawly handwriting with really dark ink; and actually mailing them
dreams where I can fly
making Sunday dinner and setting an elegant table
elephants name a few.


Jeff and Ari said...

I like this! It made me smile to think about your favorite things ... and then it made me think of some of mine :)! Thanks for the reminder!

Windy Dawn said...

As I read through your list I kept wanting it to be facebook so I could click that I "like" the ones I liked--which were basically all of them. :) Great idea.

Lizzie said...

mmmmm popcorn.....

MikkSolo said...

Board Games!

Brazilian Meat Pigout Places!

Lime AID!