Check it out...

I know you all need ONE MORE BLOG in your Google Reader.

But do you know what we don't have enough of in the mommy blogging community (and, frankly, in the blogging community in general)?

Blogs written by stay-at-home dads about their adventures in diaper land.

So. Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, settle into your favorite chair with your trusty laptop, and check it out:

oh domestic me


That Girl said...

Um, he's an amazing writer.

I suddenly feel stupid.

Grandpa Rusty said...

Great blog, I added it to my iGoogle Blog List. Love his writing. Perhaps it is in the jeans. I know, you think I should have spelled that "genes", but no, I'm referring to the ones Stepper borrowed from him. Perhaps something of Stepper's writing pixie dust remained in a pant leg or pocket.