Route 66 Drive In

Proof once again that the best toy a kid could have 
is a cardboard box.

Well, okay, and a really creative dad.


Please note that the film is playing in W I D E  S C R E E N.

That's my man.


TheOneTrueSue said...

That is AWESOME.

(And now I need a box.)

Lara and Jayson said...

I read the cutest children's book the other day about a little rabbit who has a toy box and does all sorts of creative things with it. It was called "Not a Box". I totally remember playing in boxes when I was little, they are the best!

That Girl said...

They also make fabulous wings. And houses. And stoves. And cars.

Drive-ins, I haven't done. Yet.

Nae said...

So creative! I love the widescreen. :) Rich's sister made a table-drape play house for her daughter for Christmas. It made me want to be creative too. Maybe I'll be creative once I graduate. :)