My, but it was good to get away for a bit.

Now we're back to the grind - and how! It's odd how when you ignore responsibilities for a few days, they don't wait for you to get back with a warm smile and a kind comment. No, sirs. They just pile up on each other until they're a big ol' responsibility mess that you have to detangle and, often, chastise sharply.

But the joy is that life goes on, also. I may have an intimidating pile of laundry to fold - but I also have warm weather that needs walking in and ponds with ducks that require tiny fingers to share bread with.

...and Ari may have had her baby while we were away.

And I may have a Lizzie who gave a stirring farewell talk in her ward meeting on Sunday. A Lizzie who had many delightful friends fill our home that same afternoon to share Hawaiian Haystacks, my mom's homemade molasses sugar cookies, and a list of reasons they love and will miss that girl. A Lizzie who will officially become a missionary tomorrow evening at 7 PM. A Lizzie who will be leaving us one short day after tomorrow to go and serve the souls of strangers in Lisbon, Portugal for a year and a half.

When I think on this, my heart breaks. But not with sadness. (okay, a little with sadness) Mostly with overwhelming pride. Anticipation for the things that Lizzie will get to experience that she would not have in any other capacity. For the woman that she will become during her time away. And the work. The WORK that she will be doing! A work that I believe in with all my broken heart! It is too much for one little heart to contain, and so it breaks wide open and fills my eyes with tears and my lips with song. How can I keep from singing?

Because these strange souls that Lizzie is sent to serve? These are the souls of my brothers. My sisters. And, in my opinion, these brothers and sisters that I have never met are being sent one of God's choicest. I feel very good about this. Nothing but the best for my siblings.

These months that Lizzie has been with us now seem far, far too short. Big things that I never swallowed catch in my throat when I think of how much I am going to miss that girl. And wasn't it just last week that she came with suitcases full of Christmas presents?

...I still haven't moved my computer from her room. OBVIOUSLY she has not been here long enough.

But it doesn't matter. Because Lisbon is about to encounter THE LIZZIE. Awesomeness that requires steady footing and full hydration.

I keep trying to warn them, but they just don't listen.

Language barrier, I guess.


Lizzie said...

I will miss you more than you know Stepper.

Nae said...

Lizzie, you're going to be SUCH an amazing missionary. :) Our prayers will be with you! Have the time of your life!