What Wyatt Said...

I was listening to my work messages at the office when I discovered this little gem.

Wyatt: Hi. Hi. Hi Mom.
Bill (voice heard in background): We're just leaving her a message. So you can tell her all about something. Say, I had a good day!
Wyatt: I have a good day!
Background Bill: Tell her what you did today.
Wyatt: I play with cars. And...And...out in the back yard. And then I play with CARS. With Apples and Ch...ope. Turkey.
Background Bill: Did you choke on it?
Wyatt: 'n I choke on it!
Background Bill: And then what happened?
Wyatt: I happen ta choke on my knees. And then I catch it! And then I...the...boing boing on the train car. And then a BIG BUS. And a big bus? and a Three O'clock. An nah! Lo lee. he ah he. (he's breaking it down)
Background Bill: Say, don't forget, Mom.
Wyatt: (heavy breathing)
Background Bill: Say, Mom, don't forget!
Wyatt: Mom, don't forget!
Background Bill: Dad has to go to school.
Wyatt: We hafta go to SCHOOL! ToNIGHT! Probly sounds GREAT! I love you! Buh-BYE!


Carolyn said...

So cute! Those are the best :)

Megan.Card said...

Haha I love it!!! What a cutie!!

Jeff and Ari said...