No Friday Fact today - though rest assured, there are PLENTY of things that I'm wondering about.

It's just a kuh-RAY-zee weekend!

I will leave you with this conversation I had with Wyatt last night:

Me (playing with Daphne on the floor): Daaaaaphneee! Hey, Daphernacle!
Wyatt: No! Not Daf-nackle!
Me: No? How about Dapherdil?
Wyatt: Not Dill!
Me: No? What then?
Wyatt: Just Daf-NEE.
Me: Daph-NEE. Got it.
Wyatt: Or Baby Sister.
Me: DaphNEE or Baby Sister. Got it.
Wyatt: Uh-huh! Or NOODLE!

Ah, yes! The Nick-Naming gene runs strong in our family!