Guest Post: Wyatt and his Magnadoodle

I have been feeling out of sorts, lately. So Wyatt kindly offered to take over on the Blog for me today.

He asks you all, "what shoo-we do ta-day, son?"
(pssst! the appropriate response is: "I don't know, what should we do?")
Wyatt replies, "should we have a ADVENTURE?!"

Trust me. You want the adventure.

Oh, and he calls everyone 'son'. He picked it up from Cars. I think Doc Hudson says it? It's gotta be Doc, 'cause Wyatt just thinks that dokhusson is the most cooliest thing EVAR.

It's really funny when he says to his grandma, "Whatcha doin' here, son?"

Wyatt would like to show you what me made:

I tell you, it breaks my heart a little every time he pulls the erasy lever and whoosh his brilliant masterpiece is gone. No preservation for posterity, sir. Also: no overburdened refrigerator trying to keep up with all the crayon art. I find myself ambivalent.

Wyatt, what would you like to say to the people?

I say to the people! Yes I do. I play with car! I make train, I make a TRACK! A train go round and round and say wootwoot! like that. 

Genius. I'll leave you with that little nougat to ponder.


Carolyn said...

He really is an amazing artist! You really should have him crowd your fridge with paper drawings :). What a cute boy.

MikkSolo said...

Love the trains "Y"!

Grandpa Rusty said...

Trains are the coolest thing ever. Right, Wyatt? Well, okay, maybe they come in second to cars, but only because you can't really steer them, you just have to chug along where the track goes.
The drawing was outstanding.