newest monster

This little guy made his way to the MTC last week to sit on one Irma McCrery's bed.

His job is to keep her company on the more lonely nights, 
be there to squish the living daylights out of on those times when she's so excited she could burst,
and take a wall beating when things are a bit...tense.

He also doubles as a heating pad for sore muscles or other discomforts
a sister missionary may experience.

He's always up for a game of hot-potato.

He may be my favorite, yet.

I think I'll make one to give away.


Megan.Card said...


Jeff and Ari said...

Um, adorable! How can we get on the list to get one for our little monster?! Have you decided on a cost yet? We were sneaking peeks at your books the last time we were over ... so adorable! You have a business all in the making!

sharon. said...

Teach me your crafty ways! PS I think we are long over-due our craft/game/pizza/awesome/ double-date night. We aren't planning any sporadic goblin valley trips this month. When are you guys free?

*gu* said...

i totally looove your monsters. you're so cute!

Also, put me on the list of people to share your price list with. i just might need me a monster one day...

Jake & Megan said...

I love your monsters! This is kind of embarrassing but your monsters remind me of my childhood because I had imaginary friends that were monsters. I know - it's weird, kind of a long story but I love your monsters because of this! I totally want one so add me to the list of people who want to know prices. :)

That Girl said...

This is awesome.

True story.