did you win?

let's find out!

Thanks to everyone for participating. I enlisted the help of the BILL to randomly pick the winners (see: pull name out of a hat) because I was likely to cheat, I wanted you all to win so badly. So you can thank Bill's dexterous fingers if you won! (or if you lost)

The winner of the fashionably fresh white rose earrings is:


Who said:

I love to have a window into the life of my most creative niece. i hope someday her young cousins follow in her footsteps since they all love to write.

Thank you and congrats! (oh, and uh...are you serious about craft night with your girls? Because I would LOVE THAT.)

The winner of the ohsoawesome book (and my favorite reading treats!) is:


Who said:

I don't have a favorite book because I enjoy so many. However, I would like to point out that the Little Prince is the only book I have ever read in three languages: English, Norwegian and French. Yup, I sure am awesome :/

I really had to laugh that you won this particular prize - because do you also own this book in three different languages?

The winner of the cooly-cool fabric flower hair/clothing accessory thingies (there really has to be a better name for these) is:


Who said:

I read NieNie because of your post about her quite a while back now. I discovered CJane's blog through NieNie's, and I read that more sporadically. Even though we have very different lives, we're all mothers and women. They're always an eye-opening, inspirational, humorous, and sometimes emotional read. (Also, I don't know about the banana blog, but I do open them that way now...so much easier!). :)

Cheryl - that is just awesome. Spread that blogging love! (and hello to J. and A.!)

And the winner of their very own MONSTER is:


Who selflessly entered for her delightsome offspring and said:

Stepper, my four year old son neeeeds a monster! Small enough to tote around, but big enough to snuggle and green for sure. He would of course be in charge of naming his little guy and I couldn't even begin to guess what he would come up with.

Congratulations! You'll have to (no, really) let us know what he names his new friend!

With the exception of the Monster (because, hello! Custom made, people!), I will be sending you your winnings by the end of the week.

If I don't have your address, (or if you have a really good joke) please ping me via email with your numbers so's I can send your goodies along!

stepperthemighty at gmail dot com.

Thanks, all!

I'm-a go to bed, now.


Tamsin said...

Hooray! We actually only have The Little Prince in Norwegian, so I'm very excited to read it in English again. It has been a while in any language :)

Cheryl said...

Oh boy! I never win things! Thanks, Bill! ;)

(And, of course, thanks Stepper!)

I'll be very excited to wear them on the (very few and far between) date nights with J. J & A say hi back! (Well, A says, "Gwaaaaaaarrrrrrrruuuuuuunnnnngggh." Take it as a hi.)

MikkSolo said...

Yes! Craft night with the girls. And, Yes! I can't wait to wear those beautiful earrings!