HEAR HERE! (and the first blog-appreciation Giveaway!)

Nobody listens to me.

What?! It's true! Let me explain. I don't mean 'nobody listens to me' in a pathetic, guess I'll go eat worms kinda way. I say things and people hear me. Communication happens. But I've noticed something. Any time I begin to try and talk about something that's important - I mean, you know, something emotionally poignant, the poor soul I'm trying to talk to shuts down. Eyes glaze. Attention wanders. More often than not, they'll forget I'm talking and interrupt me mid word with a thought of their own and the conversation will wander abruptly away.

I know that happens to everyone, but to me it happens every single time. It's really funny (not being brave, not secretly wounded. It actually is truly funny). I always know when I've started to enter dangerous conversational ground because I'll suddenly find that I'm talking to myself, again.

1. It's my own fault.
2. I'm alright with it.

I've discovered that I'm just not very good at talking to people. Some people are good at it - good gravy, some people are incredibly good at it! You know the type. You are enthralled and suddenly as if coming out of a trance realize it's been three hours and you're late.

I'm more like the person who opens her mouth and clears the room so subtly that nobody knows why they're suddenly standing in the kitchen.

For those of you who are shaking your head in disbelief, stay with me. It's not that I'm boring. I am an interesting person, and I have interesting thoughts. Crazy weird bizarre interesting thoughts. I have things to say. It's just...I don't have the knack for saying them.

Not out loud.

My thoughts are best expressed in writing. I don't know why it is, but I do know that it is. When I have something truly important to say to someone, I'll often write it in a letter. I always loved the essay portions of school testing because I knew it was my big chance to show the teacher that I really did get what was going on in the class, because my 'participation comments' never did the job right.

The only trouble is that I've always been a thinker. Musing. Analyzing. Wondering. So I would often have these really big, important thoughts - and sometimes they'd bang around loudly in my brain, sometimes they'd get all tangled up with each other, and sometimes they'd grow bigger and bigger until they were pressing out against my eyes and ears. Begging to be let out for a gasping breath of acknowledgment. And I would just have to sit on them. Because I'd start to talk, and eyes would glaze, attentions would wander, bodies would walk away.

I wish I could be a dynamic storyteller in person, but I'm more like Marlin from Finding Nemo. "Okay, so there's this Mollusk and this Sea Cucumber, and they're friends. No, wait, they don't know each other! Maybe they met once. Anyway, the Mollusk says to the Cucumber..." Aaaaaaaaaaaand room cleared.

(It's kind of like my superpower. You should probably beware.)

So imagine what the discovery of Blogging meant to me?

My own wonderful place to send these thoughts - and get heard.

This is one of the many reasons I am feeling this compulsion to publicly appreciate blogs, blogging, and bloggers alike.

andso - I've decided that I'm not going to end the week with a giveaway. I'm going to FILL the week with giveaways! Because I'm feeling extremely appreciative!

Nothing shmancy. I did make it clear that I'm a non-sponsored amateur, yes?

But I'm a creative and crafty amateur!

So here's the plan. I will throw a smattering of giveaways throughout the posts for this week (I'm not committing to a certain number or anything. I am too delightfully spontaneous for that). You, in turn, will enter to win and will feel very appreciated. Deal?


Today's giveaway features your very own shiny pair of THESE beauties:

vintagie white rose (stud) earrings. Made by yours truly.

I wear a pair myself, and have received numerous compliments on them.
I personally think that they have a very fresh and sweet feel to them.

Win them.
Love them.

Enter to win simply by leaving me a comment - perhaps on why you love blogs? Or on what your odd superpower is?

A comment on this post enters you to win the earrings. (comments on later posts this week will enter you to win other goodies!)

We'll end the giveaway madness on Friday at midnight. Winners will be announced Monday.

Carry on.

There are a few individuals who seem to be immune to my superpower. I married one of them.


sharon. said...

Those earrings are darling!

And now for my blog rant. I have to agree with that lady a bit because I come across way too many blogs of mommies who blog purely to show off their make believe life, perfect life. Living vicariously through their blog. I also think too many moms out there purely plan activities for their perfect kid(s) with the possibility of the cutes-picture-ever OMGosh to blog about. It's sickening sometimes. In closing, I just don't know that I will ever care to see pictures of little sally's first poop on the big kid toilet. Especially not multiple entries on this.

I swear I am a nice person. That is why I love your blog so much because when i read it I don't roll my eyes. Never once. I can't get enough. Love you Stepper!

Diana Larson said...

I am a new blog reader. Frankly, I only read McCrery blogs at this point because they are people that I really want to know what is going on in their lives and in their minds (especially the ones who are so far away!).

Love your blogs, love you, love the earrings. You are one talented little lady!

Carolyn said...

I love your blog, and your thoughts! I would never guess you felt that way about speaking to people in person. Although, I often feel that I have that same superpower! (superpowers, unite!) :) And, wonderful earrings!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog myself because I fear I have nothing of interest to say, buuuut I love reading blogs to feel connected to other women out there, especially other mothers. It helps to know the things I do and the things I feel are done and felt by other women all over the world. And I also write letters when I have something really important I need to say to someone, I tend to get too emotional to get the words out otherwise.

Jake & Megan said...

I love your blog Stepper. And I LOVE reading blogs. It's a chance for me to stay connected to some people who otherwise I wouldn't stay connected with - unfortunately. It's also a chance to get new ideas, a new perspective on things and to just see what's going on in people's lives. I love the blogging world!

Heather Cluff said...

I'm not really a blogger, but I am a facebooker, which is why I usually read your blog. I love that it pops up on fb. You're so entertaining. You are also a talented vintage rose earring maker. Soooo cute! If I don't win, you should teach me your trade.

And, I watched Remember the Titans the other day and I still stand by what I said earlier. I'm pretty sure Kate Bosworth is your long lost sister. Shame on your mom for never telling you--you gorgeous gal! Maybe looking like a movie star is your true superpower.

Jeff and Ari said...

I confess ... I am a blog addict. And I have gotten multiple people addicted to yours. I love how real you are, there isn't any pretense, and you say a million things I never could, but want to. And I certainly couldn't make them sound the same way. Someday, when you are a famous author, I will brag to my friends that I know you AND have always been an avid fan ... even before your fame :)!

Ashes said...

not commenting to win, simply commenting to say that your blog is one of my favorites stepper, and that I'm sad that utah has stolen you away from washington (hopefully not permanently). I'm glad I can still feel connected with you through your blog and wish I could blog more about life outside of my current nutrition obsession. perhaps my future will allot more time for such things...until the, please keep the keyboard humming!!

Windy Dawn said...

My odd superpower is math. Yeah, that's about as odd as it gets. ;)

I love reading your blog Stepper! Just last night Brenda and I were telling our friend about you and how much we enjoy your writing! Miss you.

Tamsin said...

My super power isn't so much that people don't listen to me, because they certainly try, bless'em. Mine is more that it takes me so long to get to the point that all parties involved have forgotten what it was we were talking about before I can tell them why I opened my mouth in the first place.

The point of this comment, however, is to tell you that I want those earrings.

Megan.Card said...

Steph they are SO cute!!! I love them!!! I am becoming more and more addicted to blogs. (Is it possible to delete a blog?) I like to read YOUR blog more then I like to write on my own.

Ali Marie said...

I have to agree with Megan. I love to read your blog. I write blogs all the time but I am too chicken to post them. Mostly because I usually only write down stuff that is super important to me, and therefore scary to post publik.

You are so creative btw. Cute earrings. I am pretty sure the creative genes skipped me...

Briana said...

I think I'm too late on some of my entries, but I couldn't help but mention anyways, THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! Once again, How DO YOU DO IT?

MikkSolo said...

I love have a window into the life of my most creative niece. i hope someday her young cousins follow in her footsteps since they all love to write.