a monster of your own...

Remember him?

Or him?

Or them?

What about him?

Want one of your very own?

Well, I appreciate you (have you heard?) and so I want you to have one. Enter to win a customized monster of your verily own by leaving a comment on this post detailing the following:

If you were to win a monster...
1. What color would you wish for him to be?
2. What size? We talkin' a glompable pillow sized creature, or an atop-the-computer type deal?
3. If you took a monster of your very own home with you, where would said monster live?

And optional bonus question:
4. what might you name him?

Of course, the ultimate design of the monster is totally and completely up to me, but I like to give those I love the illusion of control. 

This time, I'm allowing you to enter for yourself and/or loved ones. For example...if you might like a monster, but also know a certain 8-year-old that might also enjoy a monster (or maybe an unborn fetus - just as an example), feel free to post a comment for your entry, and another comment for your friend.

Lika dis:

Stepper - I wanna a monster! Green and the size of a single bean! He'd live in a matchbox under my bed, and I'd call him Mortimer!

Stepper - I would like to win a Mortimer for my grandma.

Like that.


MikkSolo said...

Um, do you see that picture of 5 monster friends? One is missing isn't it? We need the whole family. I would want a mini-monster that would sit in my office smiling at me and she would be named Ruth Angela (after Grandma - a wonderful woman).


Windy Dawn said...

1. Red, to match my Red Room.
2. Medium sized Monster, maybe the size of a cantaloupe (only thinner).
3. He would sit in my windowsill by my bonsai plant just above my desk where I study. He could then help me with my homework.
4. I could never name a Monster until I had seen his face. I mean, if he looks like a Rupert and I named him Alabaster that could be disastrous!

Anonymous said...

Stepper, my four year old son neeeeds a monster! Small enough to tote around, but big enough to snuggle and green for sure. He would of course be in charge of naming his little guy and I couldn't even begin to guess what he would come up with.

Jess, Keira and Telyn said...

Pink or Lavender

Medium sized maybe like a cereal box

Until Telyn is old enough to tot her around, the monster will be sitting in her crib waiting to welcome her to sleep.

We would name her Cwtch. If your wondering how to pronounce that I will happily tell you. But it's pronunciation is far less severe than the word appears I promise. A cwtch is used frequently in Wales, it's a hug, but so much more than a hug. It's the kind of hug that you would give someone you haven't seen in a long time, someone you are deeply in love with, or the first time you hold your child where you essentially take in that person's essence. I love cwtches! :)

Briana said...

Okay, I have like 5 entries to make, what with all the flowers and earrings and other lovelies, so here goes...
1.GREEN! because nearly all monsters are green in my mind.
2.HUG-ABLE size:)
3.He would live on my pillow, guarding against under-the-bed monsters and those privy to closets.
4.If he was green, and the perfect size to hug I think I'd have to name him Martin.

Chloe wants a Martin too. It would guard her bed and closet as well, only not green, but blue... and smaller, but not much smaller, he still has to do his job after all. He probably wouldn't have a name, for at least another 6 months (her coo's haven't developed into the more sophisticated language of English just yet...) but it will be a doozey, I'm sure!

How did you get so brilliant with all these things???!!! Where do you find all the time??!! I would like to know.

Megan.Card said...

I would love to win a monster for Cleve. Ever time he sees the one you gave me he picks him up to play with it. He thinks your monsters are really neat and then we could have a monster couple to put on our made bed once we are married...ahhh precious!
1. Hmm maybe one that had some green, blue, brown, or black in it so that it could kinda match his monster friend that he would living with!
2. Pillow size (like the size of the one you made me or the one you made dad)
3. He would live on my bed so that I could see him every morning when I wake up and at night when I go to sleep! I think he would like it the best there because he/she would feel like he/she was the king of the world being up so high.

OH!!! What would be super cute is if the monster was a girl monster. Because the monster that I have I think looks like a boy and then Cleve and have a girl monster. And our monsters can resemble each other. So of i have to leave for a day or two for some reason then Cleve can hang out with his monster of me friend and not be lonely!!! Love it!

Nicki said...

Well you see, the monster in question would be mostly green with maybe a speckling of blue, black, white, and purple. This monster would be a medium-large monster. The monster would have to live in the carpet (but in actuality this "carpet monster" would live in a crib or sometimes on top of the carpet to be played with and loved). This monster would be Grawp, after another monster from my favorite series of all times.

Nicki said...

Oh- the fetus might like a Grawp of his or her own. :)

craftyashley said...

Ok, I am entering for my little three month old son. His sisters have puppies stuffed with their binkies, and stuffed fairies, and I know deep down in his tiny, squishy heart he wants a rockin' monster of his very own to rain monster mayhem on his sister's doll house. I would like it to be a sky-blue and a tan/beige combo, and he would be the perfect size for a kid to hold in the crook of his arm. to take anywhere and everywhere.
He would live in my baby's crib (for now), protecting him from nightmares... and big sister hands reaching in through the slats to wake him up. The would then live where ever Gavin takes him. To the moon, even!
His name would be Dakko. (pronounced Dack-oh) Because I had a lovey named Dakko as a kid, and he was awesome.

Cheryl said...

I will enter on behalf of my little munchkin who appears to suddenly developing very boy-like interests such as cars and dinosaurs. Monsters must follow soon. :)
1. Color/pattern/texture doesn't matter to me! However, facial features - that's where I'd get picky The monster would have two bottom teeth (just like him)...and one eye, since when the wee one was very wee I called him Captain One-Eye as he often kept his left eye shut (I understand, this whole earth thing is very hard to take in with two eyes initially).
2. Big enough to hug and squish and crawl and chew and drool on, but not so big that you'd hurt your noggin if you fell off while hugging/squishing/crawling/chewing/drooling.
3. The monster would live in our living room, always within reach.
4. It'll be a while before the Captain will be naming anything so unless we name it "Gwaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!" I'd probably end up naming it something ridiculous like Fennel or Hubcap. (We have a whale named Pumpernickel, a bear named Gherkin, and our Wii is named Potato. Oh, and I named one of our fish Noodle. :P)