On WHY Stepper Was Here

disclaimer: This incredible writer once told apprentice Stepper that in creating a story, to write about a writer is certain death. It's trite, narcissistic, and cheating. And any reader worth his weight will call you out on it. I'm sure the same rule also applies to blogging. But, then, this author also said that you have to know all the rules and why they exist in order to be able to break them right.

I was at a social gathering a few weeks ago - and discovered to my delight that one guest-friend devotedly reads one of the blogs I also read. It was a common bond that, though we are in vastly different places along our life's roads, connected us in a palatable way (think schoolgirl BFF's who just learn they are in the same homeroom - and it's the one with the cute teacher). We dished about recent posts and our admiration of the blog's author. I couldn't help but exude some of my enthusiasm for the blogiverse in general

I am a big fan, I don't mind saying.

Another guest caught a whiff of my pungent enthusiasm, and wandered our way. She shook her head at us slightly, baffled at our avidity. She then shared with us why she doesn't enjoy reading blogs - avoids it, in fact. They were a time-sucker - and time for a busy woman is precious. But more so, they aggravated her because they were so fake. Bloggers didn't portray reality. They displayed only the positive, life-is-wonderful, don't-you-wish-you-were-like-me aspects of their lives. They were unwilling to air out their dirty laundry in public and cropped their pictures to show only their skinny lives in designer jeans. Basically, they were showing off.

Well. My experience has been so drastically opposite that I had to conclude that Blogs are a lot like Movies. There are so many different genres, styles, treatments, and even experiences in the 'theater' that saying "I don't like blogs" is like saying "I don't like Movies".

To which I would respond: Well, then, you're not watching the right ones.

Let the record show: I am glad that there are people who don't get super into blogging. I mean, somebody's got to get something done around here.

I just also feel a little bit sorry for those people.

(unless they're marathon runners or cancer research specialists or something, because then I feel like they have a really good excuse. Also, I feel like I'm intimidated.)

Here's the thing. Blogging has changed my life. Not my 'fake blogging life.' My real life.

The so real stories that you bloggers out there have been brave enough to share have changed me. I am unbelievably grateful. I feel very fortunate to have stepped into this scene.

Especially because at first I was so stubbornly against it. But that was the fault of my boyfriend at the time - not because of any failure on the Blogiverse's part. At the time, I didn't even really know what a blog was. Let alone what it was capable of.

I was not expecting it to rock my world.

Now, I've only been blogging for a year and a half. I am no expert. And the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. Some of my favorite bloggers have six and seven years under their belts! I am what professionals like to call an a-ma-teur (with a cooing tone and a pat on the head). I might have ambitions for this blog - they may never be realized. But to me, the blog experience (however far it takes me) will always be a sweet, sweet success.

Most of this is due to what I've learned from crossing paths with you fellow bloggers who for your own reasons are sharing your stories.

You have changed me.

Just in case you ever wonder if anyone is listening - like I often do - I'm here to tell you.

I hear you.

You've changed me.

Thank you.

No, really. I'd like to thank you. If you please - I would like to take the week to it. I'd like to share experiences, embarrassing moments, point fingers, group hug - maybe start a dog-pile - and end with a big old STEPPER HEARTS BLOGGING giveaway.

An entire week of this.

You in?


Jess, Keira and Telyn said...

Count me in

craftyashley said...

That was such a great post. Makes me glad to be a blogger. I was one of those people who turned her nose up at blogging. What a sad life I had before blogging! I love all you great blogs out there! Including yours, Stepper!

Nae said...

I'm in.

Grandpa Rusty said...

There is no shame in being a blogivore (defined as one who consumes blogs to help sustain life as we know it). Especially when you are also a blogonor (one who donates one's time to adding to the universe of blogging, like you). So blog on!

Lauren said...

I like reading YOUR kind of blog because it makes me laugh and it makes me think about things from a different perspective. It also gives me peeks at those adorable children of yours. Since I can't be your physical neighbor any more I can take solace in being your cyber neighbor!