TRIBUTE (and another giveaway!)

Not only are you a believer in the one true gummy bear, you make a wedding cake that makes me want to do the wedding thing all over again. That's the thing about you, I've noticed. You don't just love gummy bears, you love THE gummy bear. You don't just make a cake, you make a masterpiece. You don't just buy chocolates, you import them.

You have a little thing I like to call style.
Impeccable taste.
Panache, perhaps?

And your writing puts the rest of us to shame. I enjoy your blog, I really do. 

Now...about that cake. Do you make it from scratch?
Can I have the recipe?


Dear That Girl

I love you. I do.

Popping over to your part of the blogerhood is like a breath of fresh air to me. You inspire me to be a better mother, Mormon, woman. Because you are constantly (and genuinely) seeking to improve these qualities about yourself, and are willing to share the journey with us. 

The stories/advice/tidbits you've taken the time to email my way are so gratefully received. Your insight into helping Wyatt cope with a new sibling was priceless.

Oh - and get this. You remember how you posted about how to make real black beans, Brazilian style? Remember my desire to make them? 

I even got a pressure cooker for Christmas. But week after week, Bill and I would say, "Let's make blackbeans this week." and week after week, I'd chicken out. Don't have time to soak them, I'd think. Don't have time to read up on how to use a pressure cooker, I'd think. What if I can't make them and we're forced to eat black mush and Bill has to try to hide his disappointment from me because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings even though he had such high hopes of tasting something akin to what he experienced on his mission, I'd think.

So, last week, I came home - and there was Bill. With a big old pot of delicious black beans. Seasoned to perfection.

"You made black beans!" I said.
"Yep" he said.
"You just made black beans this afternoon. Just like that."
"Yep. I went onto That Girl's blog and followed her directions. It was easy!"
"These are seriously good."
"Yeah - I think it's using real garlic."
"It was easy? It wasn't easy."
"It was easy. The hardest part was letting them soak for an hour or two."
"These are seriously good."

Maybe next I'll be able to make that Brazilian chocolate cake! And by that I mean maybe Bill will.

Please carry on, 



You are the darlingest! How do you do it?
We are unworthy. (not to judge)

Loooooove youuuu!

Dear JJ

I like Orange, too. And I really like your blog. Especially the fun graphic design quizzes and games, because I send them on to Bill and it makes me look like I'm 'in the know'. 

And the Raindrop Melody Maker you linked had Bill and I busy for hours.

How do you find this stuff???

Oh, made fabric. How does one make fabric?!

Seriously impressive.


Dear B

I can't open a banana any other way now.


Dear NieNie

Thank you for sharing your story. 

I'm not talking about the crash. Well, I'm not just talking about the crash.

Thank you for sharing your story before that awful August day. We can tell that you really mean it when you say "Motherhood is beauty. It's the same thing." I'm sorry that I didn't read your blog back when my boyfriend at the time told me about it. He told me that I should really read his brother's wife's blog, because it was so good and she was such an amazing wife and mother and hey, Stepper, you write. Why don't you start a blog? (which I took to mean: how about you take some notes on how my amazing sister-in-law does things, and try to be like her?)

(That's not what he meant.)

I love the work that your story through your blog is doing, now. How many Books of Mormon have you hand-written your testimony in and sent out into the world?

Thank you. Don't give up.


PS: For the record, I love bright colors on babies. I've also dressed my 4 month old in jeans. To each her own.

Dear Cjane

I found your blog through your sisters' - and now yours is my favorite to read. 
You, Cjane, are both poignant and quirky. 
I have had your book on my wish-list for some time, now. Maybe you could just send me a copy? You know, if you've got one lying around? 
I love your daughter's name.
And I think it is important for me to tell you that I love love love your hair dark and long. You look so classic! Please don't go back to blond, even though I know you miss it.

PS: Sometimes I get so darn curious about what the Chief's real name is that I nearly can't stand it!

Did you have any idea what you were starting when you started it?
Thanks for the work you do.


GIVEAWAY - some lovelies just for you!

Okay, I know that these giveaways have been heavy on the feminine side - so all three you NUMEROUS male readers (hi, Dad!) can opt out of the crafts in favor of some old fashioned cookies or cinnamon rolls if you win. Kay?

Lookie at what I made!

Aren't they purdy? They go in your hair - like this:

(On holycrapI'mrunninglatemustshowerandgo days, this can really add some pep to your step)

Or you can be fierce and wear them on your clothing, like in the J-Crew catalog:

Or clipped to jewelry, bags, etc. etc. etc.

You wanna them?

Pop over to one of the blogs featured in this post (we're on the honor system, here) and then leave me a comment below to be entered to win!

(Too bad you can't enter to win one of these, eh?)



Jeff and Ari said...

I LOVE NieNie - it is so inspirational. But I just checked out CJane - wow she can totally put into words all this crazy new-mom stuff. And it feels good to feel normal :)

Windy Dawn said...

I've checked out several of those blogs before per your comments and suggestions before this post. But the banana one was new to me. Curious way to open a banana, I'll have to try it out next time.

Nae said...

I think I'll spend all day with this rain melody maker! I can't wait to show Rich. I've liked exploring these other blogs!

Anonymous said...

I love how I've gotten all tangled up in reading all these blogs and one leads to another to another... I think you summed up my feelings about these awesome ladies quite well.
PS That Girl might be my favoritest though :)

Megan.Card said...

Steph those are so cute! teach me teach me please oh please!

MikkSolo said...

I checked out the Banana one. I don't get it. does it make for a better handle? Looks like it just mushes up the end. What am I missing? I think your Blog is da best one though. I like cinnamon rolls! Shawn

MikkSolo said...

Or if he wins, he can just give me the clips (so cute - can we have a girls afternoon and you can teach me and Vic how to make them?) I love your blog the best too - the others are great too!


Anonymous said...
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Briana said...

Very cool, I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I can't blog. I'm blog-stupid and can't seem to get past a small picture on a blank white page with the title "mecham family" at the top. It's been that way for 2 years. SO, when I see your great post's and all the friends you've made in the blogging community I'm left reeling with amazement. You are genius.

Okay, I'm sucking up, the flowers are really pretty!-- That isn't to say it isn't true though;)

Cheryl said...

I read NieNie because of your post about her quite a while back now. I discovered CJane's blog through NieNie's, and I read that more sporadically. Even though we have very different lives, we're all mothers and women. They're always an eye-opening, inspirational, humorous, and sometimes emotional read. (Also, I don't know about the banana blog, but I do open them that way much easier!). :)

b. said...

Guess what...I went back to opening it by the handle.
It's just easier.
I do try to open it butt end first--but if it doesn't open right up? I go back to my old ways.

For the record...(again) I love your words.

Azúcar said...

I thought I commented on this before!

I'm flattered! (And I love to be flattered.)

Did I really make it from scratch? Yes. I think I've bought 4 cake mixes in my entire life. A cake mix for a wedding? That's just mean.