The Marriage of Soup

I will have to tell the pictorial story of Soup's wedding another time. I took a lot of pictures - of the event, the events leading up to the event, and the post-event chaos. Unfortunately, I took them on everyone else's cameras. I'll have to track them down before I tell the whole story.

But I will tell you this:

Megan is married. The last of the Card women. My baby sister. All grow'd up. Married!

She was absolutely beautiful. I think Cleve looked pretty good too, but I couldn't tell you for sure. I pretty much could only look at Megan and her sophisticated, tiny-waisted, inner-glowing self.

It rained the whole day in delicious and destructive waves. We had to move the garden reception indoors - which complicated things, but did not diminish the day.

We did run out of the eclairs I made - but we didn't run out of food (hallelujah!)

I didn't know that Aunt Shellie, the Canada cousins, and the Russons would be there. Happy surprise!

I spent much of the day in bare feet. Bare feet. Rain. Glorious.

I did cry throughout the day. I managed to reign it in to just below obvious. I think Bill was the only one who knew exactly how often I was dabbing at my eyes and brushing at my cheeks. All it took was for me to catch a glimpse of Soup, either of my parents, either of my children, Bill, or any pictures of Meg and Cleve together or the Temple, and I'd lose it. So, really, Kudo's to me for keeping my sentimentality relatively in check!

I do not like uncomfy shoes. No, I do not.
I like the rain. Yes, I do.


Nae said...

I eagerly await those pictures! Everything was so wonderful and beautiful! Especially Meg. And you'd better believe that the reason those eclairs disappeared was solely because of their intensely marvelous taste. I only got to eat one, but I'm pretty sure I'll be asking you for the recipe. :)

And can I say, my very favorite part of the reception (aside from Meg and Cleve and their smiles) was watching Bill pace a distraught Daphne across the room until she had snuggled herself safely into Daddy's shoulder. I cried. Your family is so beautiful!