The Story of Soup's Wedding: told in pictures

The story.

In pictures.

As promised. 

I never did get the pictures I took on everyone else's cameras (I was just stealing cameras and clicking away), so I stole all these from Meg's FB album. Shameless.

I give you: The newly wedded couple:
 Featuring the "We Did It!" face. 

"Okay, you two, knock it off. Smile and look purty for the camera."


Okay, but seriously, WE DID IT face!

A really good spot:

You can't see 'em 'cause of the clouds (mmm, overcast) - but behind that temple are the most GORGEOUS mountains you ever did see. 

'cept you didn't see 'em.

'cause of the clouds.

The whole group (the better to play "I Spy" with!):

Soup and her nieces/nephews. 


Cleve wins.

Okay, can we talk about how ADORABLE my grandpa Card is? 
(the dapper chap by Soup - tweed jacket, y'all!)
 (okay, ALL my grandparents are pretty darn cute.)

Billy and I made those letters (he of course wanted to arrange them in a typographically pleasing manner - but someone taped 'em down before he could get his talented little paws on them)

Soup put the photo book together for everyone to sign and make Wedding Day Wishes on.

Unless I'm lying.

Am I lying, Soup? Did you do that?

I'll hold your flowers if you'll hold mine!

Reception: The Bungalow

(This may or may not be where Bill and I had our reception.)
Okay - I know, I know. Rain on a wedding day. Usually a bad idea. 

But the lighting!
The deep greens!
In my oh-so-humble opinion? 
Couldn't have been better.

Just a girl and her Maid of Honor.

Harder than it looks.
 I was totally sitting on Ali.

Thanks for not dropping me, Ali.

The fellas.
 There's a particularly charming one over there on the right.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Woman Who Made It Happen (hugging her baby):
 Seriously. The work my Mom did. The tireless, endless work. 
And how she loved every minute of it.
Well, almost every minute.
The photographer's no-show at the Temple was not her favorite.

Who else thinks my mom is the most beautiful woman on this planet?
I thought so.

Da Gang:
 You  know, Ali sewed my skirt herself because after scissoring the poor thing to oblivion, I chickened out.

Thanks, Ali.

Long time friends (and cousins!) all married within a month of each other.

And while THEY were stuck doing THIS...

...EVERYONE ELSE was off doing things like THIS:

Ali and my darling little Mal

Good gravy!

Running free through the just rained-on grass.

So...brief background note. The bungalow catered the event - but it was to be a buffet. Charged (a pretty sum) by the plate. 

So...a buffet. But one plate per person.
No go-backs.


So since the Bungalow (and their weird methods) only allowed one of each goodie per guest, we felt the need to supplement the buffet in order to not RUN OUT OF FOOD.

Because it's a buffet.

Which usually means PLEASE, GO NUTS!

And so, in addition to the mini sandwiches, the chocolate pretzel and the apple bar desert thingy - The Woman Who Made It All Happen (hereafter known as: TW) supplemented with these beauties:

 by Flower Girls and Dough Boys.

Also, what's a reception without these beauties?

Oh yes, I did.

TW, Ali, and Aunt Shellie put these together:
 Ali and Shellie decided that their Kabob company would be called "Spears to You".

The beautiful Candy Bar, created by TW:
Did you think candybar? Yeah, me too. Every time someone mentioned having to do something for the "candy bar" I was thinking "hershey's."

And, because TW is brilliant, she also made one of these:
A snack bar for the youngers. This SAVED THE DAY while everyone was being ushered to and fro for pictures right before the reception.

Sometimes, you just need an animal cookie.

This was Meg's idea (she put it together herself):

The Cake.

The Cutting of The Cake.
(I have it on good authority that Cleve was given a good talking to by TW before the Cutting in which it was strongly suggested that should he decide to do any smashing of the cake into any faces, he would promptly be disowned.)

The Tossing of the Bouquet:

The hopeful crowd:
The catching:
Savvy (Savannah) caught the boquet. 

For the rest of the evening, she skipped around the Bungalow announcing to everyone (multiple times) that she was getting married.

The Escape:

Alright, who gave the keys to the Best Man?!

And off to a week in Florida!

And they'll live Happily Ever After.

The End.


Lara said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I loved the "candy bar" with all the fun jars. I am also glad to see that they didn't do any cake smashing. I'll probably offend someone by saying this cause I know a lot of people do it at their weddings, but that "tradition" is a big pet peeve of mine. I am not sure why it bothers me so. I guess it's because I am not the type of personality to show my man I love him by smearing cake and frosting all over his face when he is looking all spiffy and dressed up; and I certainly didn't want him doing that to me after all the time I put into getting ready for the big day (not to forget I am wearing a WHITE dress). Anyway, enough about my pet peeve - if it works for you do it, but I didn't :) Another thing I loved was the lattice with the framed pictures over the ribbons, what a stunning arrangement! Beautiful wedding all around, thanks for sharing!

craftyashley said...

It rained on my wedding day too. Loved it. I was worried it was going to be so hot! But it was gorgeous, and the pictures turned out amazing. Rain on a wedding day is the way to go!

Grandpa Rusty said...

Great job summing it all up in photos and captions. Reading through it, I felt almost like I was there.

Oh... wait a minute... I WAS there!

Ro Ro Riot said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there. So beautiful. Thanks for posting the pictures so others of us could join in!