Hectic and Happy

Things are hectic.

No surprises there, right? What with trying to pack up our lives into as few boxes as possible, tiny impatient children who still think they need to eat, multiple trips to Highland (where we're moving) and Eagle Mountain (where we're storing our furniture in my kind sister's basement), still working every day, and - oh - let's throw some morning sickness in there for kicks.

And now Bill has a cold.

I'm overwhelmed. I look at the tasks before me - and the timeline we're trying to accomodate - and I think...I'm overwhelmed. Impossible. Can't be done. Also - I want a nap.

And yet?

We're all happy. Our moods? Light as peach frozen yogurt. Our faces? Can't quit grinning. We're talking spontaneous song first day of vacation opening birthday presents type of THRILLED.

My guess?

It's because we've moved our mine cart onto the right track, and we're finally moving.

That feels good.

But I still want a nap.


The Aprecios said...

okay, whoa. got a little (a lot) behind on stalking you and now there is a lot to take in. pregnant? so exciting. moving? here? good luck! i hope it all happens the way you are hoping!

Nae said...

If you need a day without your lovely darlings to try and get stuff done I would be more than happy to have them over to play!

Karen said...

This is the first time I've stopped by (hopping here from Say Anything). For as busy as you seem to be (with morning sickness to boot!), you sound like you've got a sense of humor about things. :>

Devin said...

hey, I saw on the news that there was massive flooding in Eagle Mountain. I hope that the stuff you guys stored in a basement there didn't get some kind of arrival initiation.

Lee, Ashley, Makenzie said...

Steph, You're prego and you moved? What in the world. I will continue to read the blog for more info, you are my hero, I would be a mess if I were you.