I would like to interrupt your usual programing to bring you some
big, fat, juicy news.

I would add scandalous, but there is no scandal. Scandal is the only thing this news is missing.

Okay, I know. Usually when someone says they have big news, you think:

New Calling?

Well, let me set your mind at ease. The answer is:


(though the new calling thing is sorta cheating, because that's what happens when you move.)

To answer your questions:

not very far along.
sometime in March.
I've been feeling mostly fine so far, thanks so much for asking!
Yes, I do realize this means a minivan in my near future.
Well, we don't have anything boxed up just yet. But soon, very soon.
Yes, we are in big trouble with our respective organization in our ward. We feel very loved, and very sad to go.

This concludes this newsflash. We now return you to your current program.

Carry on.


That Girl said...

May I be the first to say


And I'll write you a fatty email soon.

craftyashley said...

Congratulations! Three kids is... a challenge. I look forward to getting though the small child phase in one short shot and then ease into a nice, quiet, early retirement.

Matt and Carolyn said...

How exciting! 3 kids isn't as crazy as I thought. You'll love it! Congratulations! But we are sad you guys are moving.

Nae said...

Oh WOW!!! :) How wonderful! All three big events at once? :) That just makes every inch of me smile.

It's a beautiful life! said...

Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations! So exciting!

Windy Dawn said...

Wahoo!! That's great news Stepper! Congrats :) And I'm glad to hear you are feeling fine so far.