Can someone explain to me...?

People have told me that pregnancy is supposed to get easier each time, and that your body knows better what it's doing.


If it's supposed to get easier each time around, how come I'm sicker this time than the previous two combined?

And here's what I *really* want to know.

If my body knows better what it's doing, how come at a mere 9 weeks and with a grape-sized baby, I already look LIKE THIS?!

9 weeks going on 5 months.

I dunno, but it seems to me that if my body knew better what it was doing, I'd look more like a Zumba instructor than a small seedless watermellon.

I mean, who does this bod work for, anyway?

(no, I'm not a Zumba instructor. Not even close. I just want to look like one.)

(maybe someday I'll be a Zumba instructor.)


Mandy said...

I've actually heard that with every pregnancy, you start to show earlier and earlier!! But, at least you look amazing doing it!! :-)

That Girl said...

Um, I looked like that at SIX weeks. No, seriously. With my fourth, I started using maternity clothes the day after we conceived.

(You laugh. But it's true.)

Janey said...

I was shocked with my second that I got a belly at around 8 weeks! I was pissed!

craftyashley said...

I don't know where you are getting your info- but I showed earlier with my second.

... and the mommy in me who has twins wants to drop the idea that maybe you're having twins! (have you had your ultrasound?) Because let me tell you- it happens. Twins happened to me- it can happen to anyone!

Jen said...

You still look amazing. you could fool me for a Zumba instructor any day. By the way, now that you're living Highland, if you ever feel up to Zumba my future sister-in-law teaches in Lindon and is mighty cute and really good! Tuesday and Thursdays at 8pm at the Taekwondo place by the massage school.

Kristine said...

Ha Ha! Surprise! That is exactly what happens. Good luck!

Erin said...

Your body has no clue of what it is doing! Sorry, I think everytime it gets crazier! "Didn't we just do this?" it asks? And you reply by eating apples dipped in Mayo and sneaking a bit of dirt from the garden on occasion!
This is tricky stuff, but you are one hot MAMA!!!