...a few weeks have passed...

...with a few things I should mention.

  • I finally made a doctor's appointment for this whole, you know, baby thing. It was funny - I called the office, gave the first day of my last yadda yadda to the chipper recep who then said, "Usually we wait until about ten weeks to see you, so that puts you at about...oh. Uh. You're ten weeks tomorrow. Okay, then! Let's see when we can get you in!" Apparently, most moms are more prompt with that first call. 
  • We're not having twins. I was both disappointed and relieved. But mostly disappointed. But mostly relieved.
  • My last official day of work was today. Tomorrow, I begin the adventure anew as Stay At Home Mom. I'm both terrified and ecstatic. I will miss my job, I will. I loved my boss, too, and how often does that happen? But I am so relieved that I no longer have to miss my kids.
  • Bill started school. 
  • Bill may or may not have landed a killer job. Kill. Er. We're pretty sure he got it - but there has been some vague language (all correspondence has been handled via email. It's Graphic Design, people!) More on that, later.
  • My dad had surgery on his ankle and is in a cast. He tried the wheelchair thing - didn't take. Tried crutches, those didn't take, either. my dad is not a homebody - he starts to feel cooped, cabin feverish and claustrophobic (and you wonder where I got my wanderlust from). So instead, he gets around with a knee scooter.
          Once a trike enthusiast, always a trike enthusiast, right Dad?
  • Bill and I got called to serve in the Primary as teachers to CTR 5 class. That's the 5 and 6 year olds. A sampling of what we get to experience each Sunday:
          Bill: ...and they asked if He paid the temple tax. Who can tell me what a tax is?
          Boy 1: It's when you're wrestling, and you get a really good one on the other guy.
          Bill: no, that's "attack", but good guess!
          Girl: It's when you're too busy, so you ask the yellow car to take you.
          Bill: No...that's a taxi...

No, we still haven't sold our house. Know someone who's looking?

This concludes my update. Carry on.


craftyashley said...

Stick with the RELIEVED feeling of not having twins. Trust me on this.


sharon. said...

I have taught CTR 5 for over two years! I love it. Hope Bill got the job!!!

William C. McCrery said...

got it.