Clarkston Reunion, 2010

Or: Our Journey Into Walker Wonderland

Labor Day Weekend.
For most, this means a holiday.
For some, it means camping, boating, short road trips, lawn chairs and barbeques.
For the women in my side of the family, it means Swiss Days up in Midvale, UT.

But for Me and my family, it means the annual Clarkston Reunion in Clarkston, Washington.
It means a stay at Shirley and Garry's amazing house (aka Aunt Grammie and Oompa) on the hill above the river. And their amazing wonderland of a yard.
It means a ridiculous amount of ridiculously good cooking.
It means the annual ping-pong tournament, the annual Texas Hold'Em tournament, and the annual gamble on the weather (this year, we had cool mornings, warm afternoons and occasional rain and wind).
It means teasing Aunt Christie about her age - instead of the more traditional wishing her happy birthday.
It means cousins and cousins of cousins, A-frame tank shirt wearing men kicking back on lawn chairs with a beer in one hand, a burger in the other, and a fishing/hunting/DIY-home-repair-gone-awry story on their lips.
It means the flavor of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington - two brother towns divided by a river acting as a state boarder, but still clapping each other on the back in that brotherly 'we're different, but the same' kind of way.

It means all of Bill's siblings together in one place - along with Aunt Shirley's two sons, all of her siblings and all of their kids.

The family that I married into, that welcomed me with open arms, giant bear hugs, and a slice of homemade rhubarb pie.

I look forward to it every year.

And now, I give you: A walk through the Walker's yard: