This is Daphne at about six months old. 

Her hair is curlier now.

She is equal parts sugar and spice, but everything about her really is rather nice.

She makes the best faces - a comedian, just like her aunt Lizzie.

She does coo and giggle - but most of the time she growls and babbles to herself in a deep voice. 

She doesn't prefer to snuggle, and instead will attempt to launch herself over your shoulder in an attempt to see what is going on behind you.

This is Daphne doing two of her favorite things in the world - eating and clawing at someone's face - in the arms of one of her favorite people in the world.

Daphne loves nap time. When it's time for her nap (especially her first nap) she'll get very quiet and still while I wrap her in her blanket, then she'll look up at the lights until I turn them off. Then when I lie her in her crib, she'll stare at her seahorse on the dresser until I turn it on (it's a singing stuffed seahorse from Brian and Amy, and Daphne loves it). Then she'll stare at me expectantly until I stroke her hair and whisper to her how lovely she is. Then she watches me as I sneak out of the room - and goes right to sleep.

Yes, I know I'm very lucky.

This is Daphne's best friend.

They are both really into strawberries and cheerios.

To Daphne, her best friend can do no wrong. Even if he is prone to bowling her over.

He runs her over and takes her toys (which, as you know, always look infinitely more fun when sister is playing with them - even if he had no interest a moment before) and teases her. But he also plays with her and snuggles her and tells her she's so pretty. 

I think she chose well in a best friend.

Getting Daphne's pajamas on at night is a feat that often takes both parents. She has a strong will and some strong little limbs!

This is an oddly warped picture of Daphne looking pleasantly content.

She is usually pleasantly content. Unless you're having a snack, and then she'll let you know in no uncertain terms that your obligation is to share with her royal person, and you'd better hop to.

I think Daphne is a very pretty name.

And I think Daphne is a very neat person.


That Girl said...

Is she engaged yet, or does my son need to take a number?

Nae said...

I agree, she is a lovely little person. :) How could she be otherwise? Just look at her family tree.

sharon. said...

she is adorable, and that picture of Wyatt is super cute!!

Janey said...

You two make beautiful children!! Miss seeing your lovely face at church!