Dear Mr. Obama,

I had this idea. What if we passed a law that all cars have to be installed with a brethalizer machine that's directly connected to the ignition? You have to breathe into it before the car will even turn on - and if it detects intoxication, the car won't. Seems to me like this would pretty much force someone who's been drinking to find a designated driver, and eliminate all chances of drunk-driving incidents.

You talk to your peeps in Congress and get back to me, yeah?




Matt and Carolyn said...

That's genius, really! I second the proposal!

sharon. said...

I agree. I don't think everyone needs them but if they ever get in trouble while under the influence they should have to have this installed. You're brilliant. Stepper 2010!

Janey said...

Would that mean really really old people, since they can't get a huge breath, wouldn't be able to drive either? I'm in.