Friday Fact: Eyebrow Threading

Is your curiosity piqued?

I have a Friday Fact up my sleeve about the very strange yet very effective practice of threading your eyebrows...but I can't get to it QUITE yet.

Stuff came up.

You know.

Hopefully I'll get to it before Friday is over - but if not, this week's Friday Fact will be more like a Sometime This Weekend Fact.

Including video.

Thanks for ze patience!



Carolyn said...

YES, my curiosity is getting the best of me on this one. And, I can't decide if that picture makes it look painful or relaxing... I guess I'll have to wait for details! :)

craftyashley said...

I'll give you a fact! They claim it is completely painless. That is a lie! Lie, I tell you! It hurts like nobody's business! But my eyebrows were pretty rockin' afterward. Sore, but rockin!

sharon. said...

I got this done to my eyebrows in Phoenix a few years ago. It.was.awesome. They had kiosks in the malls, why don't they do that in Utah? Maybe i'll have better luck in Seattle.

Tammy said...

They have a kiosk in the South Town mall that does it :)