Beginning of the Week Slump vs. Things to Look Forward To


There was a time, dear week, when Tuesday was a day to look forward to. It was like a secret weekend. It was the day Bill didn't have school late, and friends didn't have plans, and we'd have impromptu get-togethers where we'd bake homemade artichoke pizza, we'd settle Catan, watch back-to-back episodes of Firefly. Whatever the spontaneous mood of Tuesday suggested, we obliged.

But now, on THIS particular Tuesday, I'm in the drudges. I'm on day two of potty-training (for real! Unlike the past two attempts, we've been accident free and super excited about Mater undies!) - have a full deck of sickies (Bill succumbed to the evil strain yesterday) and so have been completely irrevocably solidly and undeniably HOMEBOUND.

I am NOT a homebody. Did you know? It goes beyond cabin fever, goes beyond stir crazy, goes into a new place. A new place where I look at Tuesday as though it were solely responsible for overfilled orphanages, Mad Cow disease and the national deficit.

And so I pull out my arsenal. The one thing that can keep me sane on days that have been long and promise to be longer.

Something to look forward to.

My favorite standby - a date with my man - is out of the question. This week I am project-widow. Bill is swamped with projects for work, school, and this mentoring thing he's doing. I have my own projects to keep me busy - but as usual, I'd ignore and abandon them all for a chance to get away with that adorable, hilarious, fascinating man of mine.

So...with my partner in crime unavailable for the usual havoc, I'm left to my own devices.

Which is dangerous, friends. Because my imagination lacks that voice of reason. And I've never been terribly good at figuring out that I can't actually do whatever I want.

And so, my list of things to look forward to:

1. I'm going to St. George this weekend to meet an old friend I've not actually ever met yet. But we're still old friends, 'cause if we HAD met in Jr. High, we WOULD have been inseparable all these years, and the rest WOULD have been history.

2. Wyatt and Daphne are turning 3 and 1 (respectively) NEXT weekend. I'm gearing up for the 'friend' party (you know, the one where you invite all their friends - as apposed to the family party where you invite all their cousins/grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc.). People have told me that for kids so young, it's normal to have a small get together. For perhaps an hour. And to invite one friend per year old they are turning (so, 3 friends for Wyatt and 1 friend for Daphne). And yeah, it's smaller than Wyatt's first birthday party (and I was sort of busy when he turned 2, so I missed the party - but I got him a really great present!) and we're keeping it short...but because I'm Stepper, I've got a theme with activities, favors, and a big-idea cake. Ex-ci-ting. Let's just say - I've already assembled the finger-puppet kits.

3. Thanksgiving. You guys - I keep missing this holiday! I've been to ONE thanksgiving in the past three years (and yeah, for 2 of them I was sort of busy having a kid) and so this one is bound to be EPIC.

4. Christmas. I've been listening to Christmas music since mid-October. Feel free to judge. But there's a reason for it - more on that, later.

So I've got plenty to be excited about. But meanwhile, there's still laundry to fold, lunches to make, and missing tiny grey matchbox Infinity cars to find.

Seriously. Has anyone seen it?