These People I Live With: Colds

Man, I had plans for this week on Stepper Was Here. A tour of this house I grew up in and am living in now - the streets I ran amok on as a kid, a deeper look at the people I'm currently residing with and what it's like to live in a house full of people who pretty much always want to play games all night long...

(Not to mention the Sufjan Stevens concert Billy and I went to Monday night...Sufjan had wings and there were go-go dancers and planets. Just sayin'.)

Heck, I had plans for this week in general! But I've got a cold. Daphne has a cold. Even little Malachi has a cold! We don't know who the culprit is, but this thang is stanky. ANDSO - I'm pregnant, with a cold, and with two kids. That's pretty much what I'm doing this week.

So I'm popping on whilst I eat my chicken soup (and the kiddies are napping) to let you all know that the awesomeness shall be postponed until the unspecified time that my head is no longer full of dusty cotton balls. And to provide you with a random, un-related but cute picture of my men. To tide you over.

Thank you.

Also - you might like to know that Daphne is adorable when she has a cold. Me? Not so much.


That Girl said...

We are sick here too. I hope you didn't catch the sickies from the germs I sent you through the internets.

That would stink.

Nae said...

Oh dear!!! I hope you all get feeling better soon!