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Dear November,

You were quite the month. Lots of laughs, some tears, a crazy adventure, that one day with all the food...

You held the day that both my children turned a year older, even considering my aching heart. Bittersweet, November.

And now you are done. You were lingering a little - but then last night Mom packed the 'give thanks' decor safely into it's box to hibernate for a year, and soon the floors were covered in boxes filled with snowmen, ornaments, evergreens and wooden jaw-snapping soldiers.

The tree is up, November. The train is running it's ever-looping track. That - I believe - is your cue.

Thanks for everything.


Until next year,


Dear December,

Big shoes to fill. You ready?

Yours adoringly,



Ro Ro Riot said...

I WANT A TRAIN! Ha ha. Happy December!

Janey said...

Did November just fly by?

Our boys are 3! Can you believe it?? I was wondering when Daphne turned 1. What a busy month for you! On to the next.