On accepting the challenge for awesomeness.

My friend Stephanie over at Diapers and Divinity posted today about an idea she had.

I think it's rather brilliant.

She's challenging herself (and any who'll join her) to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.

Basically, starting tomorrow (Monday) up until Christmas Eve, she's going to perform a random act of kindness for someone (known or unknown) each day.

I love it. I'm on board, Stephanie! I can't think of a better way - especially when involving the kiddo's - to keep the perspective on course this season than keeping the potential to serve at the mind's front line of attack.

Who's with me?

Stephanie has provided a place for us to gather to share our experiences (anonymously); to share the joy and to give each other ideas for ways to serve. She's also given some ideas for things we can do. And you can grab the button, if you want to keep it on your side bar, too. You know, for a reminder.

So if you haven't, yet, CHECK IT OUT!

(This isn't a solicited promotion, FYI. Stephanie has no idea I'm passing this info along. I just genuinely think it's a great idea. And I love me some great ideas!)