rejoice rejoice rejoice

Last week, I thought I'd have more time this week.

This week, I'm thinking - yeah. Probably next week I'll have more time.

I may never get to have the he said/she said love story featured here on my little space in the Blogosphere. If something doesn't reach it's scaly claws out and rip me away, certainly it goes after Bill. So we may extend this pretending our anniversary didn't happen on the 9th to...pretending it didn't happen this year.

Whatever happened to our 4th anniversary, dear?
Hmm? 4th? I don't think there is such a thing.
No such thing as a 4th? Well, that would explain things.
It is the only explanation. There is no 4th anniversary. It goes straight from three to five.
Right. Of course! Because if there had been a 4th, we would have remembered it.
Yes, and partied.

Also, I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as the week before Christmas. I'm pretty sure that the reason that nobody was stirring (not even a mouse) was because nobody existed (not even the house!).


So...eventually things will start existing again. I'm pretty sure.

In the meantime, I give you the two things that anchor me to reality in my craziest of moments:

Daphne has a message for you. 
It's some good tidings. 
Filled with awesome great joy.

Wyatt the Shepherd may have heard the message whilst tending his nightly flocks.
He is about to set out to find the babe.
You can tell.


Jeff and Ari said...

How is it that your children are so stinking adorable? Um, because they have an awesome mommy? Probably. Seriously, so, so cute! They totally made me feel Christmas-y!