Happy Geek Dance

We knew eventually we'd have to get Bill a Mac.

It's not even a rationalization. Yes, we are Mac people - and we get a geek-thrill from anything in a smooth white finish sporting that tiny apple logo.

But when new computer time rolled around a few years back, we decided to get two PC's for the price of one Mac because we didn't want to share. because it was great fun to sit together in our little office working on our separate projects on our separate computers.

But there's only so far you can go on a PC when you're a graphic designer - and Bill has entered the intensive phase of his schooling. In order to even function in his classes this semester, he had to have:

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  • A Mac - with enough oomph to be able to handle all the required programs (the only one with the qualifying quad core also happened to be a beastly 27 inches. When we walk by, we can't help but slow a little, drool a little, and go "oooooh")
  • The required programs (namely, the Adobe creative suite: Masters Edition)
  • A new keyboard (because the one his iMac came with didn't have the number pad and was all compact and 'edgy' and a lot cooler looking than it was cool to use) 
  • A new desk chair - because listen. If you're going to spend your life at a computer, you need LUMBAR SUPPORT. He was using an old, broken Stefan chair from IKEA. The thing was going to disintegrate at any moment - and so this was the insistence of his wife. Husband? I said. You now have a REAL computer with REAL software and REAL intense projects and deadlines. You need a REAL chair. He relented. The fact that it's also very attractive and ORANGE is just, you know, only slightly indulgent on my part. It is an awesome chair. 

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How, you might ask?

Student Loan, I might answer. With a major cringe and a scout's promise to never do it again. Bill's work and school requirements made it pretty impossible to NOT do something drastic - but we made ourselves a deal. We'd abuse this semester's school loan in this fashion, and then we'd stop accepting student loans! Because - crazy, wacky - you just have to pay those back, later! I know, right?

And - since Bill got an iMac, I got his computer! We sold my PC and I inherited his slightly better PC. And since Billy got all sorts of fun new stuff for his work station, I begged for a brand new desk. Isn't it CUTE?

Nevermind that putting it together caused both of us to lose our will to live and me to lose a chunk of my finger.

So now I have an official computer all-a my own.

The next morning, my Dad said, "So...does this mean that we can expect more frequent blog posts?"

Well, if that doesn't just make a girl feel all loved and fired-up to get blogging again, I don't know WHAT does.

You know?

Ironically, I'm at the iMac right now because Daphne is asleep in my room. Next to my desk.

In other huge news (yes, probably much bigger than my super cute murderous-to-assemble desk):
  1. We no longer own our beloved Rav4 and are now proud owners of a MINIVAN. 
  2. We found renters! Short term - but renters nevertheless. Ah, blessings!


sharon. said...

We have been looking into getting the new Rav4. How did you like it?

Stepper the Mighty said...

Sharon - do it. You will not regret it a day in your life.

Until you have 3 kids and can't fit them in the Rav anymore, that is.

Rosie Riot said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on all of those great things.

Janey said...

I grew up with Macs. My dad said they'd be big one day and no one believed him, lol. We got our Macbook a few months ago and it's so good to be back!

Hel said...

You + imac = jealous me