Story Problem

If Stepper had 1 doctors appointment in the morning plus 2 fluoride prescriptions to fill (because there is 0 fluoride in water for 2 kids with tiny, growing teeth) and the doctor plus the pharmacist are running late, plus 1 kitchen to clean (including 1 unload/load of dishwasher and 8 hand-wash items) and 2 mouths to feed 2 separate lunches to (and Stepper is not one of those mouths) before nap time at noon - what is the probability that she will get out of the house by her 2:00pm deadline with 1 fully packed diaper bag and 2 happy, cooperative children?

If Stepper leaves the house at 2:10pm with 1 fully packed diaper bag and 2 kids who had 0 naps and is 5 minutes earlier than the projected time to drop the 2 kids off at 1 babysitter, what is the probability that - even with things running on schedule - she'll keep her cool considering she is ∞ x pregnant and still hasn't had any lunch?

If Stepper leaves her meeting in Spanish Fork 1 hour behind schedule to pick up 2 kids from 1 babysitter and must find 2 socks, 3 shoes, and stuff 1 unwilling 3 year old into 1 jacket before hauling 2 kids out to 1 van and making it home in time to have dinner for 5 adults and 3 children ready by 6:00pm - how in the world can she make it to Costco before it closes?

Especially since she still hasn't had any lunch?

Number 2 pencils, please.


Nae said...

The answer is C.

It would only be possible if Stepper were to obtain a lunch.

Anonymous said...

See it's simple hehe ;) (says the preggo mom of one lol) You cheat and on the way back from the pharmacy you grab both kiddos and mom a "treat" from fast food joint... therefore giving you and the kids lunch while in route... You then put both children down for naps, which being the angelic sleepers they are will of course go right down, leaving mom 2 hours to do the dishes and prepare some sort of a croc pot meal. Bam lunch, dinner, naps, and kitchen all done by 2.. you leave the house to drop said children off, attend your meeting, and call the babysitter telling him/her you are in a rush and to have the kids ready as soon as you pull up... leaving you just enough time to squeeze in costco and dish up dinner ....

And as I type this I'm laughing because it is in NO way realistic... ESPECIALLY being Pregnant, tired, and they way life inevatibly throws a curve ball at you when you need it the least!

But I agree with Nae... Only possible with a fed Stepper!!


Charms said...


For most women, it's D.) None of the above. are Stepper the MIGHTY!!! so I am sure it all got done.

Thanks for the nice comments on the blog. You made my day!

jacyo said...

So...I know this wasn't the point of the story problem at all, but how about a problem of a political nature? Like, who in Highland City is getting kick-backs from dentists in Utah County? Cuz I'm tired of buying (not to mention convincing two sets of growing teeth to eat) flouride pills, simply because someone behind a desk thinks there is some problem with flouridating the water. Look, I totally understand that you want to be different from the other 80%-100% of the country that do it (proof). Nevermind that countries that don't do it include such places as England (remember Austin Powers? It's funny because it's true), Africa (because probably eating is higher on the priority list than good dental care), and Russia (in Soviet Russia, teeth brush YOU). So, in summary - IT PUTS THE FLOURIDE IN THE WATER! IT DOES SO WHENEVER IT IS TOLD! Because I have already paid my dentist enough to put 6 kids through college, buy a summer home in Vermont, and to travel to Tahiti every January. Love your Blog Step.

Work Email said...

Comment on a comment: Jacyo's comment was really left by Steveo...Just so you don't throw your hating comments at the wrong person. :D