They Look So Innocent, Don't They?

The first Sunday in January marked the official transition from "New Nursery" into the strange and wonderful world of Primary for one W. R. McCrery.

Even though we've lived here for six months now, the Bean still refers to it as "New Nursery" with affection. See, right in the middle of New Nursery's room, there is a giant train table. With winding tracks. And trains.

Not to mention the typical snacks, songs, friends and general entertainment that Nursery provides (bless you, Nursery program!).

So when the Bean was scheduled to transition from Nursery to Primary at the first of the year - just one short month after turning 3, making him one of the youngest! - to become an official Sunbeam, I found it a bit difficult to cope. Over breakfast that morning, we explained again that he'd be going to Primary, with songs and lessons like school. He was totally down with the school part, what with his favorite Dad being a student and all - but the song part?

"I'm not going to sing." he said.
"Why not?" I asked. "Songs are fun!"
"I won't feel like it."

Bill and I serve in the Primary, teaching the 5 year-olds. So the second hour of church, instead of dropping Wyatt off at his beloved New Nursery, we kept his hand and lined him up against the wall with all the other Jr. Primary kids waiting to enter the room. Was it just me, or were they all practically in college?

The Primary Presidency gave us the cue to enter, and I lead Wyatt to his place at the front of the room. Bill and I sat with our class a few rows back on the other side. I could see the Bean clearly.

He sat in wonder - or maybe bewilderment - watching the huge room full of kids, the teachers, the piano, all the pictures on the walls. My heart ached for him - I remembered my transition into Primary. I remember feeling so lost - how did all these kids already know all the songs and games and what was expected? He must be feeling so small, I thought.

But then the first song started - if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

A big smile spread across his face, and he watched the music chorister with rapt interest. He even sang a few of the words and did a few of the actions he recognized. Then he laughed! He looked at the other Sunbeams sitting next to him, and laughed again! He was just thrilled to be there.

I grinned, allowed myself to relax, and focus on my class. 9 boys, 2 girls, all the unpredictable 5 years of age.

Good gravy, they were cute.

Sharing time progressed - and something happened. My well-behaved, reasonable, calm and introverted little Bean became...dun Dun DUN...that kid.

You know. The kid who won't stay in his seat. Who wanders all around the room. Who crawls on the floor. Who goes and stands directly in front of the Chorister as she tries to lead a song. THAT kid.

I watched in amazement. I thought he'd probably take a while to warm up to things, maybe sit and stare Sunbeam style as the worst case scenario - but this? I mean, who WAS this kid?

The climax of the experience was when the Chorister had moved behind the piano to check a note with the pianist on the song she was teaching us. She tried to make her way back to the front of the room, but had to edge her way past where Wyatt was (groan!) crawling on the floor. She had on very fancy shoes. So when she tried to get by, Wyatt grabbed her ankles and held on tight.

Of course, *I* knew he was just trying to get a better look at those neat shoes - but the Chorister panicked a little. It is, after all, hard work to keep the attention of an entire room of small children. You rather need your ankles.

So Wyatt came to sit by me for the remainder of Sharing/Singing time - and went with his class for the third hour while Bill and I taught our class in a room a few doors down.

I couldn't help but wonder the whole time we taught how Wyatt was doing - if I should go check on him (or, more accurately, his teachers) to make sure things were alright.

But after the third hour, Wyatt came into our classroom wearing a laminated yellow crown that said "I am a Child of God." - and I knew that this little Prince of a Heavenly King was - and would be - just fine.

We just need to work on the whole 'stay in your seat' thing at home.

(And let's not even TALK about how Daphne - who accompanies her loving Grandpa to High Priests Group so that Bill and I can be free to wrangle our class 3rd hour - is not at all the quiet and demure girl she usually is at home. Instead, she sings. Loudly. The whole time.)

(I love my kids.)


Jeff and Ari said...

Could they BE any cuter. Seriously. That is one of my most favorite stories EVER. So um, check your schedule ... this weekend is hectic for us b/c Jeff is taking the PHR ... but the next weekend is WIDE open. Get together?

Tamsin said...

I love your kids too.

Kristine said...

Hilarious! I wish you were still here so that I could have seen it. I think they should have just put some chalk in his little hand and let him have a go at pictionary. Bro. Vest and I were just talking about how much we love his art.

Janey said...

Don't you just love watching your little ones in new situations?? I wish there was a one-way mirror everywhere that we dropped them off. Our new primary presidency had been having all the new Sunbeams--while still in Nursery-- come sit in Senior primary for a few songs. I think it helped a lot for my little guy, except he gets up numerous times to ask the teacher questions.

Nae said...

I love your kids too! Oh...I totally just copied Tamsin. But I promise I was thinking those exact words as I waited for the comment page to load. Maybe Tamsin and I are on the same wavelength.

That Girl said...

I love that you love them.

Also - don't you wish they had some sort of "pre nursery" for like 12 to 18 months? Who wants to petition the prophet?

Also - can I borrow your dad?

Also - HI!

Windy Dawn said...

Those pictures are so cute! I just love Wyatt's suit :)

Hel said...

ummm... this sounds exactly like my first week with Isabel in Primary. This last Sunday just gone was Isabel's first week in Primary because she was sick the first Sunday. I am her new Sunbeams teacher!!.... and she turned into "that" kid. Oh my gosh - I couldn't believe my beautiful, perfect child was capable of being so antsy! What I loved - watching her invite everyone she met to our house. I love that she is so social and kind to everyone.