A Year of Waking

The Bean discovering Aunt Lizzie's computer camera

Last year I think I was hibernating.

Potentiality speaking.

I was buried down deep in a cave, slumbering the world away.

This year, then, shall be my Year of Waking.

A year of cool water splashed on the face, of bed-warm feet crossing night-cooled tile, of the stretching of the limbs, of the quiet blues of early day.

I've never been one for yearly themes. Mostly because three months in, I'm like to change my mind about what I'm about, you know? But this year...this year deserves an entire year's dedication (at least!) to the concept behind my personal Year of Waking.

It is, simply, "Do Not Give Up."

Be it the pile of laundry needing to be folded.
Or the weekly menu needing to be planned on a strained grocery budget.
Or a small voice insisting I get out of bed NOW to assist with a MUCH too early 'making water' session.
Be it getting to church and into our seats BEFORE someone steps up to the pulpit,
or magnifying my calling,
or supporting my husband with his crazy schedule even when feeling overwhelmed with my own.
Be it feeling overwhelmed, period.
Being more deserving of my friends.
Getting used to another member of the family (ten and a half more weeks!).
Learning to unleash my own financial prowess.
Learning (or re-learning) how to build really great cakes.
Reading scriptures EVERY night (no exceptions!)
Being patient with my sweet children.
Being patient with those who are not patient with me.
Getting my body back.
Getting my MIND back.

Whatever this year presents me with, my theme will be applied. Do Not Give Up.

I may start handing out buttons.

And come January 2012 (if, you know, the world doesn't explode as has been suggested by some) - I will be able to look back on January 2011 and think - my what a journey! I am glad for that girl I was then - but I am so glad that I am so much more, now!

And if the world DOES explode, at least 2011 will have been a truly great year to end on.

(I don't think the world is going to explode.)
(At least not all at once.)

Also - I want to play Trains more with my son.
And teach my daughter to stop smacking me in the face.

Baby steps.

What's on your agenda for 2011?

*** Post Edit ***

I've got some plans for this blog, also. Ideas up my sleeve. Starting with a re-vamp - construction coming soon.


Janey said...

I am so glad you write about this stuff. I felt the same way about 2010. A lazy pregnant lady the first half, and a lazy mom to a new baby the last half. No more!!

Janey said...

Oh, and looking forward to the re-vamp!

Nae said...

I'll take one of those buttons, if you really do end up making them.

And thanks for writing those things that are personal, but that we all want and need to hear. Maybe I need a theme this year.

Grandpa Rusty said...

On the plus side, you actually have until December of 2012 before the world explodes. So you may even be able to accomplish more marvelous things in the first 11 months of 2012.