100 Days: an explanation, a warning, an accepted challenge.

Right now my life feels a bit like a recurring nightmare I have in which I stumble through some heavy curtains to find myself on stage - center spotlight - as the main attraction to some show I don't know the script to.

I never know if it's going to end up being a comedy or a tragedy. And lately, I never know if my evenings will end in mirth or tears. It could go either way. Either way.

So I've sort of been avoiding the blogging thing. Figuring nobody needs a peek into my unstable mind. Either that, or I'm concerned about how entertaining you'd all find it.

But then Bill did a thing.

It's always that Bill boy, isn't it?

He began presenting me with a gift each night. A kind of love letter - but artfully rendered in dark, inky swirls, spirals, patterns, broken patterns, white spaces.... Basically, the man is giving me a work of intricuit graphically designed love notes - drawn by hand - that illustrate something that he loves about me. A memory, a list of nicknames, a proclamation of my prowess as a mother.

They have been cool water to a very parched soul.

Maybe I'll show you one. Maybe. Right now they are a treasure mine all mine.

He is calling it his 100 project. He wanted to do something graphically creative outside the bounds of the all-encompassing school/work projects, and so his master plan is to present me with one of these delightful masterpieces each night for 100 days.

And then, because he is diabolical as well as adorable, he put a compelling little notion in my brain. He has heard me lament my inability to blog of late. He said, "Stepper - why don't you do 100 days of blogging?"

I gaped at him in horror and amazement. My brain started chugging away at what that would mean.

"It wouldn't have to be anything amazing. Just something. Every day. For 100 days."

Alright. The gauntlet has been thrown.

I accept your challenge, Mr. McCrery. Beginning with this entry, I will blog once a day for 100 days. I only excuse myself tentatively for a certain birth that I'm expecting will happen within the next three weeks - but only then because I'm not sure what kind of internet capabilities I'll have during that time. Certainly, I take this challenge seriously enough to post something while in labor. Even if it is just:


So, friends. Here it comes. I make no promises. I make no excuses. Those near and dear to me - aka 'fodder' - you may want to take three steps back. This may be disasterous - certainly ludicrous - but who knows?

Maybe we'll get to watch Stepper recover together.


Tamsin said...


This pleases my selfish desire to have you blog more often.

Diana Larson said...

100 of anything is a true challenge. Good on both of you! Your blogs are my selfish desire, too (thanks for the words Tamsin). You CAN do it.

Jeff and Ari said...

OOOOHHH!! I agree with your first two comments ...I LOVE you blog posts. And I secretly check to see if you have posted SEVERAL times each day. So this will be so much fun!

And can I just say that your Bill is such a keeper! What a sweetheart. It's these fine men that help us recover I think ... and make the bad stuff endurable.

I love every Stepper .... so I'm excited to get to see 100 days of her.

And to meet your new little man. Fairly certain he will need to be snuggled by yours truly!

Rischelle said...

Woot! We all could use 100 days of Stepper! Not that you asked, but I'm guessing blogging 100 days in a row is a bit like making dinner 100 days in a row. It's not the actual cooking that's hard, it's deciding what to cook. So here's a few ideas for your blogging dinners:

What was your favorite childhood vacation?
What do you want to be doing 5 years from now?
Outside of your immediate family, who are 5 of your heros?
What are the meanings behind your kids names?
When did you first know Bill was the one?
What are 3 things you LOVE about yourself/your life?
What new skill would you like to learn?
Who is your secret Hollywood crush?
What are your favorite family traditions?
What are your top 10 quotes?

There's 10 ideas for you. Use them if you want. Can't wait to read 100 days of Stepper.

Love, Aunt Risch

Hel said...

I, too, am excited 100 days of Stepper. Good luck with it. I tried at one point to do something similar. My heart was obviously not in it... I think I lasted 5 days. oops!

Hel said...

p.s. I feel for you and yours with the volatile state that you are in. I was a complete psycho when I was pregnant with Isabel (not saying you are), so on some level I understand the desire to hide under a rock for a while.

Briana said...
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Briana said...

Wow, I love that you have so many comments! It just goes to show, no matter what you're going through, your family and good friends always love and support you:) Good luck friend, this is going to be an awesome journey!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You have a good husband. :)