I have a crush type thing.

But it's okay. I mean, Bill is okay with it. He has the same crush.

On this guy.

No, not David Tennant. I mean, he's probably a great guy, and I love his work in Harry Potter. But ultimately, he's just some actor.

No, no. I'm talking about The Doctor.

Doctor Who, to be exact.

The tenth Doctor Who to be exact exact.

With his stripey suit and standy-up hair and big brown coat and red converse shoes and his sonic screwdriver and those glasses he puts on when he's about to scrutinize something.
(No, not those glasses! THESE glasses!)

Here's the thing. Bill and I began watching Doctor Who with the remake beginning in 2005. I really liked the 9th doctor. Then he got hisself all kilt, and regenerated into the 10th Doctor, David Tennant style. Compared to the 9th doctor, this new bloke was a total spaz.

It took me a while to come around.

But the Doctor - even with all his immeasurable cleverness - was completely in love with the human race. His story is basically one massive adventuresome step ahead of the next thing that threatens to destroy humanity. And his self-proclaimed job is to protect humanity. Even from itself.

And through his adventures, I find myself falling in love with the human race, myself. 

And oh, he has such adventures. Riding around in his police-box time machine. With the human he chooses to be his companion (until they ultimately decide they can't take it anymore, and want to go back to living life linearly). With his trusty sonic screwdriver and all his facial expressions.

He's funny and delightful and surprising. But the thing that really did me in was how tragic he is.

He is probably the most tragic character I've ever had the opportunity to come to know - in any kind of storytelling. And that's saying something.

He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he makes me hide under my pillow in fear or horror, he makes me cry. But I wasn't expecting him to break my heart.

Okay, right. Enough. Basically, what I'm saying to you is this: For the love of a good story, check out Doctor Who! Beginning with the 2005 remake. Stick with it and be patient with the special effects at first. Trust me, later - it's a huge payoff. But you should probably prepare yourself for obsession. As in - lets hurry and get the kids to bed so we can sneak in an episode of Dr. Who before we have to do the dishes/homework/laundry/grocery store run.

And I defy you to not fall in love with the 10th doctor. But do do do come back and tell me what you think!

Speaking of grocery store run...I'm off!


erita said...

wow, stepper--we must be on the same wavelength--i was having a dr. who marathon today. i've only recently discovered it, but i made it into part of the 4th season.. and you were right, every bit. i wasn't expecting him to break my heart, either. when he's in the TARDIS, exclaiming about some break-through, and then looks up and realizing he's alone--gah! i'm devouring it as fast as netflix can stream it to me.

Tamsin said...

Goodness, what have we done?!?

OK, OK, I heart the doctor too :)

Jennica said...

Already there. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE David. Although, Matt Smith has been growing on me, he will never be able to take David's place. Love your post. Love the Doctor.

Nae said...

Where do I find this Doctor Who? Netflix? Redbox? DVD somewheres?

Windy Dawn said...

Haha! Stepper, I had no idea you were a Doctor Who fan! This is fabulous! I just love the Doctor. Although I started with the really old stuff... the 4th Doctor actually. I even made a replica of his scarf. I'm a nerd. Now if I could figure out how to make myself a sonic screwdriver...