Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support of this 100 project! The comments you left me with on that very first day filled me with desires to not let any of you down.

You're right, Steph. I do have a great husband. He also makes great French Toast. Did I tell you? Sometimes I wake up at 9:00 on a Saturday morning because he's stealthed the kids upstairs so they wouldn't wake me - and I get the treat of a Daphne suddenly being offered as a wake-up snuggle and a Bill whispering, "breakfast is ready." I tell you what.

And thank you, Ari, for saying that you love 'every Stepper'. That gives me some much needed confidence. Because so far? I don't feel very interesting. It's like watching a tiny spider crawl up a wall. You know he's there - you can't help but check his progress occasionally to see which way he's crawling - but he's just not big enough to warrant fetching the rolled newspaper.

Until you rise from the (ahem) commode to find him descending from his invisible string of doom right over where you were just sitting. Then it doesn't matter how small he was. Trust me.

And thank you, Risch, for your incredibly helpful comment! Risch said:

...Not that you asked, but I'm guessing blogging 100 days in a row is a bit like making dinner 100 days in a row. It's not the actual cooking that's hard, it's deciding what to cook. 

Then she gave me 10 suggestions for topics for blog posts. 

She's right! Deciding what to cook IS hard! And I'm finding that finding something post-worthy each day is difficult, also. Especially when right now, most of my thoughts are: baby baby baby baby baby.

So will you help me, dear readers? I would love to answer any burning questions you might have. Or research any Friday Facts that you're curious about (like...where DO pumpkins come from?). Or tell you about my first experience with sluffing school, or kissing a boy, or etc. Or post my recipe for pizza dough?

I know it's probably cheap cheating to make you guys do the dirty work for me.

So let's just add cheap cheater to my resume. :)

And now can I leave you with an awesome comment that The Bean made at dinner? We were sitting there chatting about some ideas my mom had for speech pathology teacher materials - and my little MonkeyFish interjects with:

"I looked out the window, and what did I see? The darkness. And no popcorn."

Oh, the tragedy of a three-year-old soul.


Christina D said...

I would like to hear some stories about what things you think your parents did that helped you to grow up to be a better person.

This is my big thing right now, I like hearing stories that might help me be more creative and help my kids grow up to be strong, independent and good. :)

Danyelle said...

Tell us about the first thing that made you laugh that day.
What you found hiding under your bed.
How you manage to make it through the last hour before your husband comes home.
...And BTW- EVERY post that you write brightens my day. True story.

That Girl said...

1) pictures of your house RIGHT NOW
2) contents of your purse
3) favorite experience with your (old) job
4) pet peeve
5) observations of a post office

Yeah, and if you could tell ME what to blog, that would be great, because I'm obviously suffering.

Briana said...

1. An online baby-blog-shower. I know it's traditional to have a baby shower for your first, or the first of each gender, but this would be casual and fun-A celebration for your baby coming. Games are easy online!
2. Top ten best moments of you day & top ten hardest.
3. Wish list, or better yet, a bucket list.
4. Funniest memory