White Van - as illustrated by one really cool 3 year old.

I was filling out some paperwork at the breakfast table this morning. Wyatt asked if he could draw - so he went and found a pen and grabbed one of the big envelopes my paperwork came in, and this is what he created:

In case you couldn't tell...

That's our new ride. The "white van" as Wy calls it (it's a pearled silver). He loves that thing.

So do I. (You probably wouldn't know that because of my blatant absence from the above illustration. Maybe they're coming to pick me up in the mountains?)

Please don't die, White Van. We know you're old and probably had a lot of abuse from the family (families?) that owned you before us - but we promise to take good care of you. Golden Rule style. Deal?


~j. said...

Excellent artwork.