10 List - things I like/dislike about pregnancy

In no particular order.


  1. Foot rubs from Bill (he's awfully good at them).
  2. Feeling that little person move around in your shared space - holy, magic, and terribly cute.
  3. Glowing attention from classy elderly women at grocery stores who tell you that they had six themselves, and wouldn't change a thing. 
  4. Explaining the whole thing to a 3 year old and a 1 year old - sharing this adventure with them.
  5. Putting away certain feminine items for 9 glorious months!
  6. Ignoring the scale and feeling perfectly fine about a midnight meal, thank you.
  7. When Bill reaches over and puts his hand on my belly, and gets that Dad look. Just kills me.
  8. Having the 'good seat' in the room always offered to me and doors always opened to me.
  9. Being so much more internally aware.
  10. Drawing nearer to the Spirit - best coping mechanism ever.
  1. How my entire face changes due to weight-gain and swelling. Freaks me out to not recognize myself in the mirror.
  2. No energy. None. Just doing the dishes forces me to sit down to recover.
  3. swollen fingers and feet - no wedding ring. No high heels for church. Pout.
  4. morning sickness. HATE that particular brand of sick. I have the hardest time getting past it, mentally. Not to mention how it forces my family to eat a very finicky diet along with me.
  5. Being unable to sleep at night. How my cocoon of pillows seriously inhibits my ability to hold Bill's hand while we fall asleep. I miss that.
  6. Maternity clothes. Well, mostly my maternity clothes.
  7. Frequent trips to the ladies room - and how long it takes to re-assemble myself afterward.
  8. Not being able to play as freely with my kids. I miss being the jungle-gym.
  9. Major increase in irritability and sense of worry. Everything becomes annoying and perilous.
  10. People's non-helpful comments, such as "you sure you're not having TWINS?!" when I'm merely six months along. Just wait, lady, it gets MUCH bigger than this!


LisAway said...

Oh my goodness. I can SO relate to #5 of the likes. It held true for 13 months AFTER the birth, too. I appreciated every minute of it. Or at least once a month.

And #7 of the dislikes!! I always had to wear compression hose and it made it even worse. I worked off more calories tucking, shifting and smoothing everything all day than in an hour of vigorous exercise. Sheesh.