Five Years...

In just 5 years, a life can change entirely.

Five years ago, I was twenty-six, a university graduate, and unmarried.

Five years ago, I lived in a bungalow style home in swanky Kirkland, Washington with two of my best friends. I worked as the office coordinator for a video game developing company - a wonderfully creative atmosphere. I was good at my job, and my job was good to me. I drove to downtown Seattle at least once per week. I went to a movie (courtesy of my employer) at least once per week. I ate a lot of hummus and sushi and had a constantly revolving wardrobe.

Five years ago, I drove twenty minutes to church every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Sunday for church. Monday for FHE. Thursday for 'swing club' - where I and some friends used the gym for some spontaneous free style swing dancing. The word began to get out, and we'd have more and more people show each week. It was gloriously fun until one gal decided that since she was a professional dancer, she should take over and insisted on teaching steps (rather than allow free-style), grumped at us if we were late, and ultimately decided to charge us for her services.

Five years ago (to the month), I went on my first date with one William Crawford McCrery. Incidentally, five years ago (to the month), I went on the best date of my life.

Today, I am thirty-one, a Professional Homemaker, and married to the love of my life with three beautiful children. We live in the entire basement level of my parent's home in the neighborhood we moved to when I was nine. Some of my friends' parents are now my friends. We hardly ever get to a movie theater (though it's still my favorite thing to do) and often fall asleep watching a movie on the couch. I only get sushi on special occasions, and I haven't bought a new article of clothing (unless you count socks) in over a year.

There's a church house inside my neighborhood - a five minute walk or a one minute drive. We don't go there to swing dance, though we have been known to have some pretty wild dance parties in our family room. Wyatt has some killer moves.

My courtship with Bill still seems like yesterday.

Five years from now, I will (hopefully!) have all my children here with me, my family complete, and I will be done with the pregnant phase of life. The three children I currently have will all be in school. I wonder how many times I will follow them to the school house like a homesick puppy before I get used to that?

Five years from now, Bill will be SO done with school, and will be honing in (if not already honed) on the direction his career will take him. We will have a few creative projects going on the side - on our way to being self-employed.

Five years from now, I will have finished writing a book.

Five years from now, we will have paid off all student loans and will therefore be DEBT FREE - save a possible mortgage, which we will be on a short-track to paying off. We will have begun investing. Because we have senior missions in our retirement plan!

Five years from now, we will have a house. With a yard. And a big kitchen where I will get back into cooking delicious and interesting creations. I will re-learn how to build cakes, and I'll get super good at it, and you will all want me to bake you a cake for your birthday.

Five years from now, I will be into running. I will be preparing to run a marathon - I may have run a few already!

Five years from now, I will be five years smarter. Five years wiser. Five years more experienced. And judging by how the past five years have gone, that's really saying something!


Dennis B said...

Holy Cow batgirl! I was there at that class and yes she (crazy psycho swinger) totally ruined a good thing. Wow five years already "props" Melissa and I are at the hospital dealing with our over achieving unborn daughter who insists on coming 10 weeks early. Not going to happen oh persistent one. You guys are an awesome couple of awesome people. I really hope you guys not only reach those 5 year goals but rockout those goals. I found the other day goals I had written before even meeting Melissa and they were some pretty lofty goals... well to others  and guess what I am on track. Goes to show the power of just writing them down. So dare to dream big! Ciao

That Girl said...

Five years from now, we will plan a big girl party. At your HOUSE. (which will have a guest room, I assume?) And it will be easy to pull off, since our kids will be in school. (And we will comfort each other, I assume?)