Hangin' out in Bed

This is Henry:

This is Henry on his bed of light. He has a love/hate relationship with it.

He does not have a love/hate relationship with having his diaper changed.

Since Henry has to stay in his bed all day long, the rest of the family comes and hangs out with him.

Wyatt loves Henry. He reminds me this all the time. He also reminds me - lest I forget - that Henry is so little, so cute, and that his ears look like pretzels.

Thank you, all, for all your lovin' and supportin'! Henry's levels came down significantly by today's test results, and the good doctor says that most likely, he'll be free of the light therapy tomorrow. Keepin' fingers crossed!

Looking forward to writing some less-exhausted/delirious/rushed posts next week.

Happy Sunday!


Hel said...

Sending all my anti-jaundice thoughts and prayers your way. That is scary that he is so close to hospitalisation but that light bed just looks so amazing I'm certain it's doing the trick.

p.s. could you have had a cuter kid??!! He needs to stop with the cuteness right now.

The Aprecios said...

Oh, I hope you can hold that boy all you want soon!

Carolyn said...

Oh, I remember when Tyler had to be on the lights, but he had a big old suitcase like thing he had to be in on the floor. It sucked, so bad. That is great that he can be on the bed with everyone. Here's to hoping he's done with the lights today!

Jeff and Ari said...

He is positively delicious. And Wyatt's comments are priceless. What can we do to help you? PLEASE let me know!!

Nae said...

I agree with Wyatt...SO CUTE! :)

Persnickety Prints said...

I NEED to see this little MAN!!! Congrats Steph! Hooray that *it's* over:) Before you know it, Henry will be off to Kindergarten- so love every minute of it- even the 2am minutes!
Love yoU!