The "J" word.

Hi, friends,

I know I promised THE STORY this weekend. It's a pretty good one - involving a screaming woman on the elevator that may or may not have been me.

But things came up. Specifically - a nasty case of Jaundice that is keeping my (now six pound somethin') baby on a plastic bed surrounded by blue lights.

I hate it. I'm using the word hate, here.

I mean, I'm grateful that we live in an age where things exist like Bilirubin Beds that can help a tiny Henry's liver figure things out. I truly am.

I just hate that I have to keep my little man all day and night on a mean contraption instead of in my arms. I hate that his pitiful cry has to be answered by straps and tubes that tail from beds and blankets of blue lights instead of answered by me, holding him close and kissing his gorgeous head of black hair.

Mostly? I hate that my baby is sick.

Henry's case is on the serious side (though not catastrophic, yet - don't panic! I'm doing enough panicking for us all). He was at a concerning 10.5 when he left the hospital, and is now at an 18.5. When you hit 20 - you are hospitalized. 20 is when all sorts of nastiness happens.

We're confident that tomorrow's results will show improvement.

We'll keep you posted.


Azúcar said...

I hate it too. I refused to take my second baby in and made my husband do it. I knew he was fine and just needed to nurse more and get some sun.
Hoping his little body starts processing soon and it's not serious.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

one more little prayer just went up for Henry.

The Aprecios said...

When sSam was born he was at 20 and NOTHING serious happened. Yes, the bed sucked and only being able to hold in for 30mins a day was heartbreaking but he made it through with NO lasting complications. So I am sure Henry will be fine!

PS-Im sure they told you, but breastmilk is the best thing for jandice babies. Keep that up even if its hard amongst the wires and tubes :(

Nae said...

Henry is SO in our prayers. :) Love you!