On a Monday...

Day 1 of Sugar Detox. My sweet husband is joining me in the pain and suffering. Have only thought of donuts and frozen yogurt three times today. So far.

Henry's 2 week check-up with Doctor Glade. He threw up in my hair and down my shirt while the nurse measured his head. Atsa my boy!

Trip to Maceys for reinforcements with Wyatt, Daphne, and Megan. Nearly forgot the diapers.

For dinner: Chicken Bacon Artichoke DeLITE pizza from Papa Murphy's and a Clementine Izze.

Megan and Cleve stay for the evening. FHE turns into a party.

How to Train Your Dragon while we eat. Learning that David Tennant does the voice of one of the vikings. Obsessively trying to figure out which viking he is.

Wyatt questions everything that happens on screen. Daphne toasts us all with her sippy cup of milk. Henry snoozes in his swing.

Daphne steals sips of my ice water, then gives me cold kisses.

Not too shabby, Monday. Not too shabby.


That Girl said...

How to Train a Dragon is one of my all time favorite movies. Now.

"I hate you, you useless reptile."

Who knew stoicism could be so hilarious?!

And I love the soundtrack.

Nae said...

I agree with That Girl. I purchased the soundtrack on iTunes even before I got my hands on the show (which I watch quite frequently).

With such a wonderful Monday, imagine how fantastic Friday will be!