Posting one-handed.

I've got the sweetest little bundle tucked into one arm and am typing with the other. I've already corrected massive typos and its taking perilously long for someone who's used to typing at 90wpm. I don't mean that as a brag - just a manifestation of the seriousness of my commitment to the 100 project.

The husband just stole the bundle.


That little sprout loves his dad, let me tell you what. He has this thing about having his diaper changed. He hates it, and screams to high heaven with all the passion his iddy biddy voice can muster (which is just enough volume to wake his brother in the next room in the middle of the night, unfortunately). So Bill has discovered 'the secret weapon'.

We place our little Henry down on a blanket on the bed, and he begins to squawk. Bill then puts his cheek against Henry's and shush's him gently, and holds both of his little hands with his - and Henry goes to his happy place while I sneakily change the pants.

It is awesome.

Anyway - I am just stopping by to report that Steve made it home safe. Bill took Wyatt and Daphne to the airbase to welcome him in, then to Ali's carefully prepared house for pizza and visiting among family his and hers.

I stayed home with Henry.

He threw up twice. Once in my face.

And then, about an hour ago, he threw up again for Bill. Only this time, he threw up in his own face.

Like - all over his own face. It was in his nose, eyelashes, eyebrows. The poor thing was traumatized.

So was I! I was certain our baby was blinded by the satanic stuff that spewed from his innocent mouth.

He's fine now. And has forgotten all about it.

Isn't that a wonderful thing about babies? Life can be traumatizing for them at first, but they quickly forget.

And now I'm off to watch Pushing Daisies with my husband who has started without me. And he made me a smoothie which is melting. Happy Sunday, all!


Ro Ro Riot said...

I'm so excited that you have Henry and that Ali has Steve. I hope you enjoyed Pushing Daisies. I always do.

Nae said...

What a wonderful Sunday! And Pushing Daisies? Love it.