The Bean - just over a year old.

The Bird - also just over a year old.

Good music makes my world go round.

This morning, we cleaned the house to Fleet Foxes (took a while, what with all the dance-party breaks).

Bill and I sing our children to sleep with a Damien Jurado song.

When we were dating, Bill gave me Fool Says by M. Ward as a tribute to the way he felt about me. I can't listen to that song, now, without reliving every delicious moment of falling in love with him.

I remember the first time I heard Arcade Fire sing Neighborhood #1, riding in the passenger seat of Bill's car. I thought the idea of a neighborhood being buried in snow and digging a tunnel 'from my window to yours' was so romantic that it became another token of my fierce devotion to Bill.

I could spend forever listening to the stories in the songs of The Decemberists.

Feist makes my blood pump quicker.  Billy makes me drive faster.

This one breaks my heart every single time.

And yet - when I first wake up on the morning - THIS is what is running through my head.


Charms said...

I love your soundtrack.
PS. Feist does a great cameo on Sesame Street about the number 4 that Lauryn and I sing every day. You should check it out. Worlds combining is great!!!