Henry is exactly two weeks old, today. I am still in the time vortex thingy that makes it feel like these past two weeks have flown by/have been an eternity. I'm pretty sure it's the time vortex thingy that keeps making it snow/sunshine/snow outside.


Here's sumpin' to think about. We just did our taxes, and learned that the government claims fifteen percent of the ol' income.

Tithing is ten percent.

Everyone in the USA gets taxed.

Only members of the church pay tithing (you could argue that not all members pay tithing - but not all citizens pay taxes, either, so moot).

The United States is billions of dollars in debt.

The church is a multi-million dollar entity.

Think someone should give someone else a lesson in financial management? Just sayin'.


"Don't throw them away just yet, wide-leg and boot-cut jeans are coming back in style!"

I'm sorry - did they actually ever leave? I know everyone and their boyfriend was supposedly on the skinny-jean trend; but the fact is that the skinny jean was flattering to a very very veeeerrrryyy small population with a specific body type.

And while the skinny jean was very flattering to those fortunate few, for those of us with a more mainstream appeal, it's hard not to be flattered by an appealing boot-cut. Don't even get me started on a good trouser-cut jean!

Look, fashion industry. Just because you provided nothing but the skinny jean option in stores for the past while doesn't mean that we all followed you blindly down the runway.

And just because your consumers started catching on to the ultimately unflattering cut of your jibe doesn't mean you can sneak the tried-and-true classics back into your closet and tout the 'comeback' as your genius idea.

Okay. This isn't about skinny jeans. At least not completely. The thing is - I believe in fashion as a form of self-expression (sounds trite, I know, but stay with me) and I believe in the power of finding your own beauty. But Fashion Industry? You keep attacking us with the same cookie-cutter shape, insisting that we're all cookies!

I'm no cookie.

What if I'm a Bavarian Cream Eclair? Or a sweet cream crepe with a spicy mango chutney? You have no idea what to do with my spicy.

Listen, Fashion Industry. Instead of being so insistent on which trends and fads we should be into, why not educate us on how to find our own sexy?

Because a dark chocolate raspberry truffle tart is most enticing when she is allowed to flaunt her own flavor.

(And, probably, if you moved to educating young girls about paying attention to their own individual attractiveness, you'd have a LOT less sales in skinny jeans.)


I have a thing for orange tic-tacs.


I have THE most beautiful 3 children in the world. One of them is currently crying. That's ma cue!


Rischelle said...

Never owned a pair of skinny jeans - never will. Ever watched TLC's What Not to Wear. That's what they do, teach ordinary people to dress for their own body type and ALL of them looked beautiful, but more important, they always felt beautiful by the end of the week. Wish we all had our own Stacy and Clinton.

Russell Andes said...

I would just say this: while the total is undisclosed, the church's annual revenue is estimated to be about $5 billion. The federal government's annual revenue is approximately $2.57 trillion. The government's income is *514* times the church's, so the church really isn't even in the same league as the government, financially speaking. Nothing really is.

Beyond that, the church uses its funds for: a) construction and maintenance of facilities, b) social welfare and relief, and c) missionary and educational programs. That's it, really. The federal government spends its money to provide support for those three things (minus missionary programs), plus agriculture, transportation, defense, health care, social security, labor, and many, many other things. The church is responsible for approximately 14 million people, while the government is responsible for approximately 22 times as many, 307 million. And those 307 million literally live or die based on whether the government does its job.

Don't get me wrong, the government needs to make some changes. But suggesting that because the church can easily live within its means that the government can too is waaaaaay too simplistic to be really helpful. That's like saying that a child manages to live within its budget of $1 a week, so why can't an adult with $514 of income a week manage THEIR expenses? The kid is only responsible for making their candy money stretch 'til Friday, while the adult has to buy food, clothes, pay the mortgage and the car payment and insurance and save money for the kid's college and etc., etc. :)

William C. McCrery said...

I disagree, I think suggesting that because the LDS church can easily live within it's means that the government can too is, in fact, really helpful.


MikkSolo said...

I agree with William. The church also requires that those receiving help financially be accountable and resposible to work for it. What a novel idea US government. Just think what this country would be like with that concept in place!

Jeff and Ari said...

I'm fairly certain my favorite line in this post (and probably amongst several posts ... and that is sayin' something) is "You have no idea what to do with my spicy"! Oh I love you Stepper ... So by week 3 will you be up for some visitors ... of the Terry variety?

Jen said...

Totally agree with you on the tax thing. My vote is we all pay a flat tax of 10-15%. That way the poor (even though we have benefitted it from it this last year) doesn't get money back that they never paid and the rich doesn't have to give up all their hard earn money. I'm just saying, you have a point with the whole tithing thing.

That Girl said...

I think I'm ... a mint Oreo. Yeah.