Surprises on my Porch

Today I received an email from Stephanie (remember her?). "Check your front porch" it said.


Bill - being the sole member of my family who was dressed - ran to the front door and retrieved this charming parcel:

A survival package for my first day back to reality.

The note contained words of encouragement written on charming paper. Stephanie wrote, "The three things that were always hard to do, but made me feel so much better when I actually did them: 1 - shower, 2 - get dressed w/lip gloss, 3 - eat lunch!"

The bag contained a pair of dapper white shoes for Henry, some rejuvenating body wash (shower), lip gloss (get dressed w/lip gloss), and 5 frozen lunches (eat lunch!).

The lunches were of the Lean Cuisine variety. Healthy - saving me from my survival mode tendency to neglect eating until near starvation, then to reach for the waist expanding foods of comfort because of the convenience and the...well...comfort. Now I am saved.

Wyatt and I enjoyed looking through the loot together, and he quickly confiscated the lip gloss which then became a train. 

However, Stephanie, I am pleased to report that today I did in fact shower, get dressed, and eat lunch! And I felt more normal today than I have in weeks.

Here is proof of me, dressed and wearing lip gloss (though that's the ONLY makeup I'm wearing!):

Thank you, Stephanie, for kind floods upon dry grounds! You're right - I can do this.

I will survive.


Hel said...

oh my word. Could anyone get any more perfect??!!! I didn't think it was possible to like Stephanie even more... and now I do. She just reached goddess status in my book.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm just so glad to hear you got it before it was all unfrozen. You look lovely (of course).

And Hel, you are so sweet. Dead wrong, but so sweet. :)

Wendy said...